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Turquoise and Pearl Jewellery - What Does It Mean?

Turquoise seed pearl padlockYou may recognise the combination of blue turquoise and white pearl as an icon of antique Victorian jewellery, but did you know that history of Turquoise jewellery is much older than that? Turquoise was first used in jewellery in dating back 6000 years! 

The turquoise and seed pearl combination was immensely popular in Georgian and Victorian times. Queen Victoria's personal love of the beautiful blue stone helped increase the gems popularity, and the sentimental Victorians' adoration of jewellery with story and meaning ensured we find examples of this beautiful gem partnership today.

Turquoise and Seed Pearls 

Blue, green or greeny blue (or bluey green) turquoise is opaque and is usually cut as cabochons, or rounded stones or beads for use in jewellery.  Turquoise is also very soft and must be worn and treated with care.  In this regard, turquoise and delicate little seed pearls are a match made in heaven - definitely not jewellery for everyday rough and tumble! However worn appropriately they will grace the wearer with an air of delicacy not always found in today's world. 

The colour combination of lustrous white pearls and ethereal blue turquoise evoke images of the sea, white waves, fluffy clouds and an endless sky, and when set in 9ct gold, the effect is mesmerizing!

What does the combination of Turquoise & Seed Pearls Symbolise  

Turquoise is one of the original modern birthstones for December "place on your hand a Turquoise blue; success will bless whate'er you do" .  As turquoise doesn't sparkle it is often more popular with older Decemberians who can appreciate the beauty of colour without shine.

Turquoise seed pearl earringsTurquoise represents luck, good fortune, prosperity or victory.  Pearls are said to represent tears (of joy or sorrow) and little tiny seed pearls are also associated with purity and innocence.  In the past, seed pearl pendants or jewellery was often presented to a girl as her first piece of formal jewellery, perhaps on an 18th birthday or given to a bride before her wedding.

In Victorian times the story of purity and good fortune was also combined with jewellery motifs and designs with their own symbolism.  Forget-Me-Nots for remembrance, Daisies for innocence, Bluebells for constancy, Ivy for friendship or marriage, Mistletoe for kisses, Butterflies for the soul, Dogs for fidelity, Doves for domesticity, Lizards for passion and Snakes and Serpents for eternity.

We like the flowers!

Turquoise seed pearl pendant



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