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Australian Lucky Charms

australian hat pendant charm goldHold on to your hat!  Do you know the most popular good luck charms in Australia?  Do you know what a Lucky Bug is?

Oh My Giddy Aunt has been selling charms and good luck keepsakes online since 2003 and we know all about the favourites.  Over the years we've discovered some of the most unusual too!

At this time of year there's a Lucky Charm rush to wish good luck for exams or new projects and adventures just around the corner. Nearly all of our  9ct gold or sterling silver charms are made in Australia and can be worn on bracelets or turned into pendants, keyrings, bookmarks, earrings or just about anything you can think of.  We've gathered little collection of lucky charm ideas for your amusement and inspiration!  

Popular Good Luck Charms

Some well-known good luck charms have been telling their stories for centuries. Four-leaf clovers, Wishbones, Wishing Wells, Horseshoes, Bells, Stars, Keys, Dice, Hamsa Hands, Horns of Plenty, Arrows, Acorns, Bamboo and Fairies are instantly recognised symbols of good luck but other lucky charm symbols vary from culture to culture.

In some countries people "Cross Fingers" for good luck, while others "Hold Thumbs".  Many cultures use "Thumbs Up" as a sign that all will go well and "Touching Wood" is another way to demonstrate a wish for good fortune and protection from bad luck.  Lucky numbers, words or symbols also hold special meaning and are often worn as good luck charms.


Australian Good Luck Charms

gum nut and leaf charmTaking a little bit of Australia into a situation requiring good luck can be reassuring for many Aussies.  While gumnuts and gum leaves are very different to four-leaf clovers, they symbolise resilience and strength and many other Australian lucky charms have great meaning too.

Australia is considered the Lucky Country and symbols such as Australian maps, kangaroos, koalas, kookaburras, platypuses and even jars of yeast extract can be a lucky charm for some happy little vegemite, as bright as bright can be!  In years gone by, some Australians also carried Lucky Charms featuring boomerangs as a wish to return. Finding a coin "Heads Up" is considered lucky and Australian Pennies are carried as lucky talismans or turned into pendants or lucky charms with a coin frame


Shared Good Luck Charms

break apart mizpahBreak-apart pendants are another traditional way of sharing lucky charms.  Many share pendants or charms are embossed with a wish for good fortune but you can also 'write your own luck' by having your own best wishes hand-engraved on a disc or pendant.



Animal Good Luck Charms

animal rabbit charm A mixed-message lucky charm has to be the rabbit's foot! Luckily for the bunny, whole rabbits are considered lucky too, as are turtles, pigs, bats, frogs, crickets, cranes, whales, tigers, horses, dolphins, goldfish and elephants - but elephants must have their trunks up.  A Beckoning Cat with a raised paw waves in good fortune, but Black Cats are another lucky animal charm with a mixed message. The story is that black cats bring good luck if they are walking towards you, but not if they cross your path.unicorn charm

Mythical animals such as the dragon, phoenix or unicorn are also worn as good luck charms.

lady beetle charmSometimes the littlest creatures attract the most luck. The insect world is abuzz with its own little good luck stories. 

Dragonflies and butterflies (especially in groups of three) are beautiful symbols of good luck and the German word for ladybugs is "Glueckskaefer” which means "lucky bugs"! 


Unusual Lucky Charms

charm bracelet with palm treeLucky charms often relate to a personal story rather than a cultural story.  Over the years we've had requests for all sorts of things to be included on lucky charm bracelets including a palm tree as a reminder of a lucky event on a beach, a thong as a wish for someone to always walk beside them. Once we had a request for a lucky thunderbox... ! 

Your giddy aunts are delighted to create whatever lucky charm has meaning for you, and if you can't find what you are after on our site please contact us, we're always happy to help.


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