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What Does a Bell Mean? Latest Blog Post   |   08 October, 2018

Keepsake jewellery "rings a bell". It brings to mind people, places and times, but what does it mean to wear actual bells as jewellery? Are bells symbols of communication or protection? Are they a reminder that many things in life can be experienced but not kept, just like the sound...

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Sam's story

My boyfriend and I went to a beautiful place in Thailand called Zeavola‚ and we loved it so much‚ that we went back the following year‚ at the same time and he surprised me with a baby "Love Tree" and we've gone back three years in a row now to see our baby palm grow up - which is now a big teenage palm tree!!!
Anyway‚ I've always wanted a personalised‚ gold bangle‚ and it made for the perfect story to be on the bangle‚ hence I've had it made now.

Laser Engraved Bangle - CLASSIC - Sterling Silver or 9ct Gold

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