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Coaches Whistle - Old-School Tweeting Latest Blog Post   |   15 September, 2017

A Whistle as Keepsake? Keepsakes tell a story of a person, place or time. What are you reminded of when you hear the shrill twwwweeeet of a whistle?  A favourite coach? A fearsome teacher? Summer on the field? Camping with Guides or Scouts? Think of a classic "Coaches...

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Nelly's story

I bought my daughters a charm bracelet to give each other on the birth of my second child, something from each other which they can add to over the years. I decided to get these puzzle pieces as the first charm, as a variation on the sister break pendant. One for Mummy and one for each of the girls. They are perfect, delicate, and the engraving is Devine.

Pendant or Charm - PUZZLE LINKS - Sterling Silver or 9ct Gold

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