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Simple steps to identify real Gold and Silver Jewellery Latest Blog Post   |   03 June, 2021

How do you know if jewellery is real gold or real silver?  What should you look for? What do the marks on jewellery mean? In Australia, the carat stamp or a hallmark is the 'sign' that you're buying real jewellery made in precious metal, not just plated or coloured gold or silver....

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Lucy's story

I picked up my ring today and it is just wonderful!! Bees are my thing and I just became a Grandmother in July‚ so the first stone is for Connor. No doubt‚ they will add another in the future‚ so what is the procedure for adding stones. I will also need a gold honeycomb the other pair‚ who are starting next year.
Thank you for the great service and will see you again

Ring - QUEEN BEE'S HONEYCOMB - Birthstones, Sterling Silver or 9ct Gold

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