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What's the Birth Stone & Acrostic Jewellery Story? Latest Blog Post   |   11 June, 2022

Personalised jewellery is created to tell a special story about the wearer, or other people, places or special times in their life. The story can be as obvious as letters, words, names or dates in engraved jewellery, or as subtle as a message told with symbols, flowers or even precious...

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Sue's story

My beautiful little parcel arrived today. I only ordered a chime ball to go inside my silver harmony ball after losing the original one‚ but the care to wrap and send a package like this was touching.
My harmony ball is precious to me and has a story to it‚ it was purchased after a year of terrible loss‚ I was so relieved to be able to find a replacement chime ball. The little scroll‚ the heart shaped card‚ the beautiful presentation of my parcel made me feel like it was a gift from friend‚ I shed a few tears today as I unwrapped and put my harmony ball back together

Harmony Ball Opening - LANTERN GEMSTONE - Bella Donna Sterling Silver & Brass

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