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The Best Size Signet Ring for a Pinky Latest Blog Post   |   15 February, 2019

A classic, hand-engraved signet ring with monogram or cypher initials will be worn throughout life, so getting the size right is important.  In addition to the ring size, or fit, you also need to work out if the dimensions of the ring suits the size of your finger or hand. ...

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Clare's story

My daughters tooth secretly popped out at dinner time. Thankfully when talking to her about the tooth fairy and knowing I had just ordered the bracelet I told her that I'd read in the tooth fairy 'newsletter' that she was on holidays and won't be back for a couple of days! I explained her tooth might not be found straight away! She didn't mind at all and thought that was fair enough. Bless her.
I just love this idea - a great alternative to just giving money. I am excited to see my daughters face when she sees the gift from the tooth fairy.

Bracelet - TOOTH-FAIRY WISH CHARMS - Sterling Silver

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