What Does Oh My Giddy Aunt Mean?

Giddy Aunts are the keepers of family stories and the tellers of wonderful tales, but what does the phrase "Oh My Giddy Aunt" mean?

"Oh My Giddy Aunt!” was a popular English saying early last century, often used to indicate surprise in the days before less genteel expletives became more freely used. Many people still fondly remember their Mothers, Grandmothers (or Giddy Aunts) clasping their pearls and exclaiming "oh my giddy aunt!” in shock, joy, amazement or amusement.

The saying has survived through use and your Giddy Aunts are pleased to report a resurgence in popularity with the phrase currently used in movies, books and even a Kath & Kim episode!

If you love Oh My Giddy Aunt, then Bob’s Your Uncle and you might fancy some of these other quirky, largely Australian, sayings:
  • A face like a half sucked mango = not very pretty
  • A few kangaroos loose in the top paddock = not very smart
  • Away with the pixies = daydreaming, or off in La La Land
  • Been sucking lemons = sour-faced, pursed lips
  • Beyond the Black Stump = far, far away in the bush, beyond dwellings
  • "Blue” or "Carrot Top” = endearing names for gorgeous Redheads
  • Bob's your uncle = everything is ok
  • Carry on like a pork chop = being very silly
  • Catch forty winks = a quick nap
  • Cunning as a dunny rat = as shrewd as a rat who lives in an outside toilet
  • Don’t come the raw prawn = don’t be disagreeable
  • Drown some worms = go fishing
  • Flash as a rat with a gold tooth = think yourself very dashing
  • Great galloping goannas! = "Oh my giddy aunt!”
  • Like a bull in a china shop = rushes through everything, a trail of demolition
  • Mad as a cut snake = very, very cross
  • More front than Myer = a very self-assured character
  • Rare as hen's teeth = not too many about... actually probably none at all!
  • What does it look like? A Ham Sandwich? = rhetorical question, unless it is a ham sandwich
  • Woop Woop = a very long way away, possibly as far as the Black Stump?
  • You are a happy little Vegemite = as bright as bright can be!
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