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The Full List of Charms

Stories aren't always written in letters and words. Stories of people, places, times, loves, milestones and adventures have been told in other charming ways for generations, but could you find a charm to tell your story? Your Giddy Aunts love a challenge and we're confident we can help with just about any charm under the sun!

Charms are precious little symbols that are added to a larger pieces of jewellery to personalise or give meaning. Traditionally charms were attached to chains 
baby charms
and bracelets to record life's special occasions. Over the years these collections create personal records that fascinate new generations as the tale of each charm is told and retold.  
In the past, charm stories were added too over time, charm after charm, special occasion after special occasion, but today people often create a charm bracelet to tell a whole story of an overseas holiday, a group of friends, a new adventure, hobbies, passions or interests. Charms can be added to keyrings, bookmarks, rings, earrings and necklaces.
Oh My Giddy Aunt has hundreds of charms available online but we also have a nearly bottomless draw with hundreds and hundreds more. Some of the designs are over a century old!  If you can't find the charm you are after in our Charm Category, browse through the A-Z list or contact your Giddy Aunts and we'll be happy to help.  If we can't find the one you want, we can make it for you.


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