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A Compass as a Keepsake?

What is the Compass Story?

Giddy Aunts like to think that the compass was invented by an innovative Girl Guide or Boy Scout, but apparently, this is not the case! According to the Authentic Models people who make a fabulous range of retro and antique reproduction compasses, the compass was invented thousands of years ago in China and primarily used by feng-shui priests so they could work out where to build.
The basic compass has a magnetized needle that rotates on a vertical pin and points the the Earth's magnetic north.

personalised compassIn the 16th Century sailors used the compass, along with their knowledge of the stars, prevailing winds and ocean currents, to navigate across the oceans.

In today's age of 'sat navs' and suchlike, a compass is a romantic reminder of the journey of life and adds symbolic meaning as we navigate our way along the milestones, at any age or stage.

Engraved Compass Messages

Over the years we have hand-engraved compasses with names, dates and meaningful sentiments and we have gathered a few of our favourites below for you.  We'd love to hear any more that you can think of. 
  • You help me find my way
  • Follow your dreams
  • I would be lost without youengraved name compass
  • With you I am home
  • Long may the journey last
  • Moving forward
  • May your faith always guide you
  • May faith & love always guide you
  • Find your true direction
  • Good luck with your new direction
  • You give my life direction 
  • Go confidently in the direction of your dreams...
  • Always find your way home
  • So you can always find your way back to meengraved personalised compasses
  • And so the adventure begins...
  • You are my true North
  • You are my world
  • Wherever you go I will follow
  • Guard my ways and guide my steps
  •  32°56'43"S 151°08'21"E 3.10.17 (Co-ordinates and Date)
  • Name, Date and Birthplace
  • You're off to great places, Today is your day, Your mountain is waiting, So get on your way. Dr Seuss
 initial engraved compass      engraved compass      





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