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Are Signet Rings for Children?

australian made signet rings gold or silverMany people remember the thrill of their very first signet ring. For some it may be their first piece of real or precious 9ct gold or sterling silver jewellery.  For others, a signet ring will tell a story of a special person, place or time. Some signet rings speak of connection to family, loved ones or membership, others mark special occasions in life or record important details of the wearer such as initials or birth dates. Some rings are for the individual. Others may be part of a family tradition. Oh My Giddy Aunt has been creating signet rings for children and adults online for over 19 years and can tell your story, your way!



What is a Signet Ring?

monogram signet ringsThe word "signet" comes from the Latin "signum” meaning "sign”.  Initially (no pun intended) signet rings were used with wax seals as the wearer's "signature" on official documents, however signet rings were more than just a signature - they were also a form of identification centuries before driver's licenses and passports. A unique signet ring could be as important then as a fingerprint is today!


How Does a Signet Ring Tell a Story?

More than merely stylish accessories, these days signet rings tell all sorts of stories.  Oh My Giddy Aunt custom makes most of our signet rings to order so each person can tell their own story their way. We've listed some of the most popular ways to tell stories below.

engraved signet rings 9ct goldPrecious Metal - some people express themselves through the choice of metal the ring is made in. Sterling silver or solid 9ct or 18ct yellow, rose or white gold 

Initials - a signet ring hand engraved with one or more initials tells an instant story of the individual wearing it.  Some people choose to wear the initial of another loved one, or perhaps a few loved ones!

Monograms & Ciphers - artistically intertwined letters form beautiful images made up of the initials of the wearer, or loved ones.  Oh My Giddy Aunt is fortunate to still have the skills of an old-school heraldic engraver who can hand cut monograms and ciphers the way they used to be made before lasers!

gold birthstone signet ring children or adultsStones - a ring set with a stone may tell a story of a birth month with a birthstone, or a stone of fortune or with its own special meaning, such as a diamond for forever, an aquamarine for courage and so on.

Shapes - the shape of a signet ring can also tell a story.  A heart may mean love, but did you know that a double heart can also mean "my heart is always with yours". Horseshoe shaped signets are popular for luck or a shield shaped signet may mean bravery or family.

Crests & Symbols - having a family or heraldic crest engraved on a signet ring or a logo or symbol with significance is another way a signet ring can tell a story.  These rings are often passed on from generation to generation, although you may also find whole families or clubs wearing rings with the same symbols to say "we belong".


What is the Difference between Signet Rings for Children or Adults?

Ideally, signet rings are worn through life.  A child may be given a signet ring that will fit on a middle or ring finger with the idea that it will be worn as a pinkie ring later in life. 

Little girl's signet rings are often fine rings for a couple of reasons.  Fine rings don't look too overwhelming on a child's small hand, but finer rings also cost less than chunky rings due to the amount of silver or gold required to make them, which may be a safer option should the ring get lost... although in most cases the ring will have the wearer's initial on it and will hopefully be reunited with the wearer!

A first signet ring is a great way for children to learn to clean and look after precious jewellery and with the right care and not too much wear and tear the signet ring will still be worn for many, many years to come! Children's signet rings are fine pieces of jewellery and need to be cared for as such.  Removed when playing or swimming, not worn while bathing or exposed to soap, shampoo or harsh abrasives such as sand.  You can find more information about caring properly for precious jewellery on the Oh My Giddy Aunt blog.



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