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The Best Size Signet Ring for a Pinky

large signet ring small handA classic, hand-engraved signet ring with monogram or cypher initials will be worn throughout life, so getting the size right is important.  In addition to the ring size, or fit, you also need to work out if the dimensions of the ring suits the size of your finger or hand. 


 The Perfect Size Signet Ring

The right size will depend on whether the wearer prefers the look of fine jewellery or larger jewellery and the size of the finger.  A ring with a small face or fine band may look too tiny on a large finger.  Rings with a very large band or face may look too big or be too difficult to wear on a smaller finger. Then again, some people love the look and feel of larger rings and feel lost with smaller rings!

Pinky Ring Signets

Signet rings come in many different shapes and sizes - Oval, Round, Shield, Square, Hearts and Scrolls are some of the most popular signet ring shapes.  Signet rings can be worn on any finger but are often popular pinky, or little finger rings. The pictures below show four different sizes of round or oval signet rings on a size K pinky finger. 

gold engraved signet rings australiaSmall Round Signet Ring

The smaller round signet is an easy ring to wear and suits just about everyone!  It is also a great ring if you are looking for a signet to be worn by a child on a middle or ring finger now and then on a pinky finger in adulthood.   

This round signet ring has a flat top face that is 8mm in diameter. 





large round signet ringLarge Round Signet Ring

Larger rings also often sit up higher and are best worn by those with larger hands or those who like the look and feel of bigger rings. This ring is most often worn on larger fingers or by those who like to make a statement!

This large round signet ring pictured in 9ct yellow gold has an 11mm diameter face. 






  Small and Large Oval Signet Rings

Both the large and small oval signet rings pictured here are flatter rings so they work well as adult's pinky rings or just about any finger.  The oval small and large rings are compared side by side on this size K finger.

The small oval signet ring pictured in sterling silver has an oval face  9mm long and 8mm wide.  The large oval signet ring's face is 12mm long and 9mm wide.


Made To Order Signet Rings

If you're still not sure of the ring size you would like, try cutting an oval or round disc of cardboard in the dimensions of the face of the ring you are considering.  Hold it against the finger you'd like to wear it on and you will get a good idea of the size of the ring in relation to the size of your finger or hand. 

Oh My Giddy Aunt's Signet Rings are custom made to order in Australia and can be made in just about any size to suit any finger.  Please contact us if you would like more information to help with your decision - we are always happy to help!


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