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Bangles - OVAL or ROUND Wrist Shapes?

round or oval wrist shape banglesBeautiful bangles come in all shapes and sizes, but the wrist shape or fit is usually round or oval. 

The "wrist shape" is the shape of the "hole" your hand goes through when you put on your bangle. Of course bangles can also be made in square, triangular or other arty/interesting shapes, but to ensure our heads don't start spinning round round, or oval oval, we'll look at the two most popular bangle wrist shapes: Oval and Round. 



round bangles different shapes


Round Bangle Sizes

Round bangles tend to be the most popular bangle wrist shapes for a number of reasons, including the fact that working out round bangle sizes is quite simple. 

Simply measure across the inside diameter (not including the  walls of the bangle) and the millimetre measurement is your size.  You can find more information here about Round Bangle Wrist Shape Sizes.


Oval Bangle Sizes 

Oval bangles usually sit closer to the wrist than round wrist shaped bangles.  Oval bangles, sometimes called Egg shaped bangles, are longer but narrower, and usually sit across the wrist rather than spinning around the arm. Oval wrist shape bangles go on one way and come off the same way.

An oval bangle has a different look to a round bangle and in solid 9ct or 18ct gold it can be more cost effective to make an Oval Wrist Shape bangle as less metal is required to make the closer fitting bangle... but working your size out requires a little maths!  


Oval Fit bangles are measured using the internal widest points, or the "long diameter".

To work out OVAL Wrist Shape bangle sizes you need to start with the correct ROUND wrist shape size and add 3mm to that size. For example, if you usually wear a 60mm round fit bangle, your oval fit bangle size will be 63mm.

60mm round fit + 3mm = 63mm oval fit. 

It is important to add 3mm to your regular bangle size because oval bangles are much narrower than round bangles and still need to be large enough to fit over the hand. If an oval bangle is too small you will not be able to get it over your hand.

A beautiful bangle is a friend for life! We love making bangles of all shapes and sizes and look forward to helping with your dream bangle too!


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