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What does a Dragonfly symbolise?

The Everyday Magic of the Dragonfly  

dragonfly brooch pendant
There’s something wonderful and… astonishing… about dragonflies. In some ways the dragon moniker truly fits. Up close they have an alien, forbidding look that is both a little bit
scary, and a lot fascinating. But flitting across a pond dotted with lily pads, the light reflected from the miniscule scales that form their wings, they’re almost… magical.
If you’ve spent any time with us, you’ll know that the Giddy Aunts embrace the everyday magic in the world. From lucky charms to the captured memories in nostalgic Christmas
ornaments, we believe that the symbols we carry with us can help us bring a bit of that magic into our lives. Including the wonderful dragonfly!

But what do dragonflies symbolise?

Transformation, Change and New Beginnings

dragonfly pendant silverThe dragonfly represents transformation or change, light and adaptability in life. This is because of the dragonfly’s own life changes. It starts out as a larva born in water, but then soon begins to grow wings, leaves the water and takes to the sky. Because of its changing aspect, the dragonfly also represents new beginnings. 

Jewellery and keepsakes with dragonfly symbols are perfect for those people in your life that are embarking on new careers, have beaten cancer or undergone some other great change in their lives.


Embracing Life

dragonfly topaz broochDragonflies spend the vast majority of their lives underwater. And they can live as nymphs for up to four years. But once they pop out and begin their life as the dragonfly we know and
adore, they only have six months left to live. Because the dragonfly only exists in this final, beautiful form for a few months, it has become the symbol for embracing life.
The dragonfly teaches us to take advantage of the short time that we have on this planet and grasp onto opportunities and chances that come our way.



Strength and Poise

gold dragonflyThe dragonfly is the epitome of grace and beauty. They are strong, expert flyers, with the ability to make mid-air flight pattern changes, and quickly respond to different environments.
They are so strong, in fact, their wings have about 20 times more strength than other flying insects.

For that reason, the dragonfly is a symbol for strength and poise under pressure. Dragonfly jewellery is an excellent gift for the performer in your life – the little actor or actress, and it’s a wonderful symbol for an athlete! 

Dragonflies In Real Life

Dragonflies are incredibly lucky. When a dragonfly appears in your life, you can expect light and joy to come streaming in behind it, or so the story goes. And if you see two dragonflies together, this can be a confirmation that you’re in a long-lasting, loving relationship. It can also mean, that a beautiful relationship is in your future!


Giving the Gift of the Dragonfly

dragonfly charms silver or goldDragonflies have been on the earth for 300 million years. That means that humans have had a long time to watch them, admire them and incorporate them into their stories, their mythologies and their magic.  Giddy Aunts wholeheartedly embrace this history – because of all the creatures on this earth, dragonflies seem to be the ones that teeter on the edge of reality and myth, bringing light and magic to the ordinary world.
Maybe someday, if we’re very lucky, we’ll climb out of our original lives, sprout wings and soar among the clouds as well!
And in the meantime, we’ll wear our dragonfly pendants with absolute joy.
"I love to see the sunshine on the wings of the Dragonflies... there is magic in it.”
 Ama H.Vanniarachchy


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