Who Is Chief Giddy Aunt?

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How it began  

At Oh My Giddy Aunt we take the role of Chief Giddy Aunt seriously. And we’ve been incredibly lucky to have two fantastic Chief Giddies grace the halls of our HQ since our inception in 2003. 
Our jewellery label was originally founded by our OG Chief Giddy Aunt, Nikki Johnston. Nikki brought with her a love of sentimentality and a passion for history, along with dreams of crafting keepsakes and jewellery that would tell familial stories and last generations. Her experience launching one of the first fairy shops in Queensland, combined with a background in children’s theatre, education and charity work, saw her bringing to life her passion for connecting with others through the power of stories.  
During her time as our Chief Giddy Aunt, Nikki designed the original Oh My Giddy Aunt Jewellery collection, collaborated with other designing artists (and elves), and sourced traditional keepsakes for the online store. Her vision brought Oh My Giddy Aunt to life and is still felt through our vision and passion for storytelling. 
Of course, life moves on and when Nikki dreamt of her next adventure, a new Chief Giddy was required to fill the big shoes she left behind…

Meet Kelly 

KellyKelly Devrell had been a loyal Oh My Giddy Aunt customer for years, and when in 2022 she saw the chance to immerse herself in the jewellery and storytelling world, she realised that this was just the change she was looking for. So, following a short sojourn in Tasmania with Nikki, Kelly brought the label back full circle to its original home of Brisbane, Queensland – a move that feels welcome and right! 
Taking over the reigns at HQ, Kelly – an engineer, sentimentalist and closet romantic – is just the right blend of businesswoman and storyteller to keep the magic of this special brand alive. She is a jewellery lover from way back and is drawn to the emotions that jewellery can hold. She embraces the magic of metal to connect you to precious memories, people and places. And she loves the idea that an Oh My Giddy Aunt piece can become a family heirloom passed down through generations. 
A true lover of stories (no matter how busy life gets, she always has a book on the go!) Kelly adores connecting with clients through their stories, and has deep regard for buying ‘forever’ pieces over lower-quality costume jewellery. She also has a keen interest in sustainability and is embracing this aspect of the business as well. 
Kelly is committed to providing the same level of quality service and extraordinary jewellery as Nikki did for 20 wonderful years and is looking forward to seeing what the next 20 will bring!


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