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Australian Gift Ideas

australian made keepsakesLooking for an Australian keepsake that has actually been made in Australia? Perhaps you have family and friends overseas, or overseas visitors?  Maybe someone is off to see the world and you'd like to give them a little piece of home to take with them? Maybe you are the traveller and you'd like to take some Australian gifts with you.  Whatever the reason, we have great Giddy Goody ideas to say G'day!

Made in Australia

Did you know that all of Oh My Giddy Aunt's custom-made jewellery is made in Australia, as well as most of our bangles and many of our pendants and earrings?  Of course we also stock readymade ready to send jewellery and gifts  not made in Australia, but all Oh My Giddy Aunt original designs and made to order jewellery will be made in Australia as stated in the product description. 

Australian Symbols

kangaroo penny coin frameEverybody loves a Koala, Kangaroo, Kookaburra or Platypus but these fabulous Australians are only the tip of the sand dune! Aussie animals, birds and sea creatures are always well-loved, but so are gum leaves, maps of Australia, coins, crests, landmarks and the quirky or iconic! 

We have gathered a collection of Aussie symbols and Australiana in all shapes and sizes for you to consider, includingbush australian hat pendant some unexpected ideas such as Oh My Giddy Aunt's unique Aussie Hats, a prawn or a pair of thongs! 



Australian Themed Gift Ideas

gumleaf and nut charm with split ringNearly all Oh My Giddy Aunt traditional charms are made in Australia.  Little charms come in all shapes and sizes and make versatile, easy to carry gifts. 

Add a split ring or a clip on clasp to an Australian charm that can be given to lots of people as thank you gifts as you travel, and they won't take up any room in the suitcase!  Charms can be used to create bracelets, necklaces, earrings, rings, bookmarks or keyrings that will be a reminder of a journey, or person, place or time each time they are worn or used. 

If there are too many charms to choose from we have created a aussie animals charm braceletrange of ready to wear charm bracelets including Aussie Animals, icons, wildflowers, gumleaves and shells. If you are looking for a charm you can't find please just contact us and we will find one for you.

Australian themed charm bracelets can be made with lots of different animals, birds and symbols, or for something a little different, Oh My Giddy Aunt's Charmer bracelets are made by kangaroo charm braceletusing the charms as the actual links of the bracelet as shown with the Kangaroo Hop Bracelet.

A coin in an Australian made coin holder pendant creates an instant keepsake with a record of a time and place.  You can create a pendant yourself with an antique or current coin, or choose from the range of real Australian coin jewellery (but these are made by our cousins over the ditch).


sterling silver souvenir spoonUseful gifts, made in Australia, such as bookmarks, keyrings or spoons are all available with Australian symbols or meaning.  A step up from a standard Australian souvenir spoon, the Gumleaves and Gumnuts spoon is a precious keepsake in solid sterling silver to be treasured today and for generations to come.

Australian Words Engraved

guitar pick engraved co-ordinatesA picture may be worth a thousand words, but just a few words can paint a pretty good picture too!  You can have any Oh My Giddy Aunt keepsakes or gifts hand-engraved with a place name, verse, location co-ordinates, postcode or letters and numbers to tell your Down Under story. 

If you have a lot to say you can have a solid Australian made bangle laser engraved inside or out with up to fifty words - depending on the size of the bangle and the size of the words!


Take A Little Bit Of Home With You

locket australian madeFor someone heading off on a journey, taking a little bit of home with them can mean a lot!  Use a locket or perfume bottle to hold a little bit of sand or soil from home, a pebble or stone, or perhaps a few drops of eucalyptus or tea tree oil so they will always have a little bit of Australia close at heart.perfume bottle locket silver  Not all perfume bottles are made in Australia however lockets made to order lockets are.




Sending Gifts Overseas

Another very good reason to send little Australian made keepsakes and charms overseas is that they don't weigh too much and don't cost too much to send. To save time, you can order online and choose the international postage option and we'll send it overseas for you with insurance and tracking.   

Do You Have A Keepsake Idea of Your Own?

Your Giddy Aunts love doing something a little different! If you have an idea of your own we can talk with you about making something special just for you.  Please contact us, we are always happy to help.



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