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The Magic of Three - Interlocked Rings

3 band russian rings goldWhy is number 3 considered to be the magic number?  In addition to being a lucky number for some, the 'rule of three' is found in many areas of life including language and design.

Russian Wedding Rings or Trinity Interlocking Bands are a great example of the success of the rule of three in jewellery design; but why? And what do they mean?



What is a Russian Wedding Ring?

Russian rings are usually made as triple bands, but they can also be made with more or less bands.  Three band rings are also known as Trinity Bands, Russian Trio Jewellery, Rolling Rings, Triple Rolling Rings, Russian Wedding Rings or Russian Wedders.  Three individual bands are shaped and permanently interlocked to be worn as a single ring. The timeless, comfortable design works with antique and contemporary jewellery and the interlocking technique is also used to create fabulous Russian bangles.

As a comfortable ring they are also worn as the 'everyday wedding ring' especially with one of the bands set with diamonds, however trinity rings are not just wedding rings; they can be worn to tell all sorts of stories about family, friends or individuals.  


three times rings

Why Do We Say: "Things Come in Threes"?

Human brains look for patterns. We are constantly searching for meaning and relationships and 3 is the smallest number required to be able to see a pattern. Things grouped in three seem natural or complete and the "rule of three" is powerfully used in language, stories and messages too, think of Work, Rest & PlayStop, Look & Listen or any of the stories told by Triple Band Rings. 


Russian Band Meanings

As with all jewellery, the meaning is made by the wearer or the gift giver and there are as many stories as there are ring wearers but a few of the most popular are: 

  • Past, Present & Futuregold russian rings
  • Then, Now & Forever
  • Faith, Hope & Charity
  • Body, Mind & Spirit
  • The Holy Trinity
  • Interconnectedness and Never Ending Love

These days with the popularity of personalised jewellery, triple band rings are also worn to represent loved ones, friends and family and may tell a very personal story.

Metal Combination Symbolism

fine three tone russian bandsRussian Bands can be made in sterling silver, 9ct or 18ct Yellow, Rose or White gold or platinum or two or three tones of gold to create a tricolour effect. The popular combination of different precious metals began in Russia in the 19th Century with Wedding Rings.

Three tone rings have a band of Yellow, Rose and White gold, but three band rings can also be made in two tone, with 2 x yellow bands and 1 x white band... or any combination you can think of!

The metal choice can also tell a story. Yellow Gold can represent strength, loyalty or fidelity, White Gold can stand for enduring friendship or flexibility and Rose Gold symbolises true love. Antique rings made with three bands in two golds were also said to represent the sun god (white gold) and the moon god (yellow gold).


Customising Russian Rings

personalised russian ringsIn addition to choosing the size, band width and metal, custom made triple band rings can also be personalised by having a band set with birthstones, diamonds or engraved with names, dates and meaningful words to say "we are together". 

Triple rolling rings move around on the finger and the size can change depending on the order you wear the rings.  The ring pictured below on the black ring stick is the same ring, just with the rings positioned in a different order.  As you can see, in one order it is closer to a size 6 and in another order it is closer to a size 7. 

Let us know the ring size usually worn on the finger you would like the ring for and the size will be worked out for you.  Please just remember, these rings 'roll' about a little as you wear them. 




If you would like some inspiration or assistance to find the perfect "Magic Three Ring" please visit our site to see real jewellery, made by real people to tell real stories. Your Giddy Aunts are always happy to help.


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