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Rubies, Catburglary and Surfing

Ruby Birthstones for July

July Babies, what if we told you one of the most famous examples of your birthstone was stolen in a New York jewel heist, by a thief who was not only a hardened criminal, but also a surfing champion, an artist, and a musician?

In 1964, Jack Murphy 'Murph the Surf' and his accomplices stole the Delong Star Ruby, a 100.32 carat ruby with a distinctive star-shape running through it, along with several other precious gems. The cat burglars scaled the American Museum of Natural History to enter through a fourth storey window and snatch the jewels from their low security display cases.

Although the surfing thief and his accomplices were caught and imprisoned a few days later, the ruby was not found, and was later ransomed for $25,000. These days it's back in the American Museum of Natural History, surrounded by far more security!

And Murph the Surf?

Well, he became a prison chaplain, wrote a book called 'Jewels for the Journey' had a film made about the heist!

As well as being the birthstone for July, rubies are also traditionally given for 15th or 40th wedding anniversaries. Gorgeous lockets, bangles, earrings and pendants set with rubies and ruby red stones, perfect for that special birthday or anniversary.

Just make sure to keep them away from surfers and fourth storey windows!



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