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Cathy D's Charming Story, Circa 1980

charm necklace silverCathy writes:
Around 30 years ago I began my journey, to tell my stories in beautiful sterling silver charms. I love big, chunky jewellery and as the years went on and my stories evolved I found that instead of a charm bracelet I had a charm necklace!
The chain is made with two chains - a short necklace and a bracelet so I can wear it at the longer or shorter length.  Now that there are so many charms on it I usually wear it at the longer length because it is much more comfortable. 
In a nutshell I will take you on my journey with the charm stories from left to right.
  • A Coin to celebrate the year of my birth,
  • A Clog for my first trip to the snow,
  • A Sun to represent the time I spent living in North Queensland,charm necklace sterling silver
  • A Scuba Diver to celebrate yet another achievement,
  • A Bike to remember all that cycling I did while touring and exploring,
  • A Fairy to reminisce about the Fairies on the Downs,
  • A Buddha for that time that I lived in Japan,
  • A Kids charm to tell the story of a friend in Ireland,
  • A Pick and Shovel to recall my time in Mt Isa,
  • A Leprechaun to symbolise my trip to Ireland,
  • A Heart Padlock off the bracelet I received for my 21st birthday,
  • A Crown for the trip I took to England,
  • And finally ... a Locket with a secret that only I know locked inside!
So many memories and stories living on this charming necklace that will always be kept close to my heart.


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