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Acorns and their Meaning

From little things, big things grow...

Acorns are popular and beautiful symbols used in jewellery and keepsakes, but did you know that, according to The Oxford Dictionary of  Quotations, the proverb 'great oaks from little acorns grow' stretches back through the generations and officially dates all the way back to the 14th century? Which probably means it is much, much older than that.

acorn charms sterling silver schoolsA symbol of strength and potential, it was also a Nordic and Celtic symbol of fertility, and immortality. 

The god Thor's Life Tree was oak. Druids believed the consumption of acorns would help see the future, and the word Druid can be translated as "Oak Knowledge".

Some Oak Trees can live to be 1000 years old. Chief Giddy Aunt has done the 'maths' and worked out that some of the little acorns that were starting to shoot when humans were first officially quoting the proverb are now only middle-aged trees! One tree would have sheltered or played a part in the lives and stories of so many people through the ages.

The acorn is the fruit of the oak tree.  It is a distinctive, smooth oval nut in a rough cup-like base, but did you also know that each acorn contains just one seed? When that single seed germinates it produces the taproot that will anchor the tree for the rest of its life?!

No wonder these amazing little Acorns have been a popular way to tell so many of our stories.

Acorn Stories and Meaning

An acorn metaphor can remind us to look deep inside and discover the seed of something wonderful that is yet to develop.  It will take time, persistence and the right nurturing, but something magnificent is waiting inside that precious little acorn. One little acorn, with time, can also be the start of a whole forest of mighty oak trees.

Acorns are also considered to be a lucky symbol, representing prosperity, youthfulness, power and spiritual growth. 

Acorn Keepsakes & Jewellery

Acorns are often used for baby keepsakes, but they are a meaningful way to tell the story of a new venture or stage that may grow into something significant and lasting. "From little things, big things grow".

The symbol of an acorn can be engraved into a ring or pendant, or on a keepsake such as a sterling silver spoon or napkin ring.  A little acorn charm in sterling silver or solid 9ct gold can be worn as a pendant or used to create a symbolic pair of earrings,  cufflinks or added to a ringkeyring or bookmark.




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