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Fiona's Charming Story, Circa 1950

Fiona writes:
gold 50s charm braceletThis charm bracelet was my mother-in-law Sue’s. David’s Mother. Her husband gave it to her one birthday. She always wore it (and a string of pearls) and I loved it.  Somehow, I ended up with it when she died. She was English ... born in Manchester in 1920 where her father was in cotton milling. She and her husband Denis, a GP, were married in 1950 and lived in Bristol until they migrated to Australia as £10 Poms in 1964. They travelled a lot before they had their first child and the bracelet has a lot of charms from trips to Europe. They also loved Alderney, in the Channel Isles, and spent time there most summers.
  • The gold charms, clockwise starting from the sombrero from Spain
  • at 9 o’clock, are a kiwi charm from NZ (Denis was born in NZ),
  • love heart charms from her daughter Shelly’s baby bracelet,
  • a date palm tree charm from Egypt,
  • a clog from Holland,
  • a pharaoh’ s head charm again from a trip to Egypt,
  • a set of keys to Alderney (each key has a letter which together spell Alderney (my favourite of the charms),
  • an Eiffel Tower charm,
  • a map of Alderney,
  • a Parthenon charm from Greece,
  • a coin with the head of Edward VII dated 1908,
  • an ostrich whose story I can’t remember,
  • a Guernsey three pence coin no date,
  • a Spanish 1 peseta coin 1947,
  • and an aeroplane charm which she bought to represent their move to Australia. 
 Isn’t it beautiful?

(Your Giddy Aunts certainly think so! And just a thought... could that ostrich possibly be an emu charm for Australia? Might a mystery be solved?!)


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