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Debra's Charming Story, Circa 1970

Debra writes:
gold charm bracelets
Back in the day I used to work for a jewellery company in the Brisbane CBD. I always had ladies coming in looking for charms to add to their charm bracelets and they would tell me the story behind each of them. After always hearing these stories I decided to start my own charm bracelet; so I too could capture my stories and memories in a unique way that would last forever.
I started by buying my bracelet; this was the first gold bracelet I ever brought (I was very excited) and them I started to fill in the memories. 
1970s charm bracelet goldMy first charm was a cricket bat charm. This was to remember my love of cricket as well as all the memories of going to matches at the Gabba with my father. 

I have collected many charms over the years, some of which include:
- A champagne bottle charm to commemorate my 21st birthday 
- A set of keys that spell out LOVE … a gift from my sister 
- A possum from when i was pregnant with my first child … my mother always called him my possum while I was pregnant with him. 
- A stork with a baby charm for my second child … a beautiful baby girl 
- A set of scales because I’m a Libra … it reminds me to always stay balanced 
- A small boat to remember the trip to Norfolk Island my husband and I went on to celebrate our first year of having our business together
There are many more charms with many stories to accompany them … but to tell them all we will be here all day! 


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