Ring Sizes

Oh My Giddy Aunt custom makes rings in both Australian/UK and USA ring sizes. Australian/UK sizing is given in letters. American sizing is given in numbers. 
A good size ring fits snugly and gives a little resistance when taken off. If you do not know your ring size, the best and safest method is to visit a jeweller who will cheerfully measure your finger and help you find the size you need. Plastic reusable ring sizers are also easy to use and a good option.
Another good option is to measure the inside diameter of a ring that fits and is about the same width as the one you are considering. Inside diameters should not include the ring itself, just the space inside the ring. If you give us those measurements when you order we can work out the size for you, or please use table below. Rings are typically available in full or half sizes.
signet ringsThere are lots of "ring measuring systems" online but these are not always accurate, and millimetres matter when measuring rings.  Please be aware that ring sizes and finger sizes are different things. While your finger might be a size N, the size of the ring you need to fit will depend on the width of the ring. With a very wide ring you may need a size larger. Finer rings like signet rings may not need to be as big as a wider ring like a 10mm+ band.  Rings can be measured with more accuracy than fingers can be measured which is why we usually work in ring sizes rather than finger sizes. Fingers are fleshy and can also change size depending on the weather, weight, water, and many other day to day factors.

Australian, UK and USA Ring Sizes

 A 0.5 12mm  37mm
 B 1 12.5mm  39mm 
 C 1.5  12.75mm  40mm 
 D 2 13.25mm 41mm 
 E 2.5 13.75mm  43mm
 F 14mm  44mm 
 G 3.5 14.5mm  45mm 
 H 14.75mm  46mm 
 I 4.5  15.25mm  48mm 
 J 15.75mm  49mm 
 K 5.5  16mm  50mm 
 L 5.75  16.25mm  51mm 
 M 6.25  16.75mm  52mm 
 N 6.75  17mm  53mm 
 O 7.25 17.5mm  55mm 
 P 7.75  17.75mm  56mm 
 Q 8.25  18.25mm  57mm
 R 8.75 18.75mm  59mm 
 S 9.25  19mm  60mm 
 T 9.75  19.5mm  61mm 
 U 10.25  19.75mm  62mm 
 V 10.75  20.25mm  64mm 
 W 11.25  20.75mm  65mm 
 X 11.75  21mm  66mm 
 Y 12.25  21.5mm  67mm 
 Z 12.75  21.75mm  68mm 

Average Ring Sizes

Ring sizes can vary widely from person to person but the most typical sizes in Australia for adult women are Small: N-O, Medium: P-Q and Large: R-S.  For adult men the most typical sizes are Small: T-U, Medium: V-W and Large: X-Y.

Most children's signet rings are ordered in sizes K-N as these sizes will usually fit a larger finger on a child and a pinkie finger when the child has grown.
Please take care in choosing the size you need.  While it may be possible to resize some rings if needed there may be a charge for this work and prices will depend on whether rings are sterling silver or solid gold

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