Options for attaching charms

ways to attach charms Traditional charms usually have an open jump ring that can be soldered closed on to a bracelet, however these days charms can be worn as pendants or earrings, or used in all sort of ways to tell a story.
Due to the value of solid gold charms, these are usually taken to a jeweller who can securely solder the charms in place.
Sterling silver charms can also be soldered to a chain but due to the expense of soldering many people choose one of the following options for attaching charms or turning charms into a pendant or other jewellery.

Adding a Charm or Creating a Pendant

There are many ways to attach a charm or turn it in to a pendant and the most popular options are provided in the ADD-ON section at the bottom of each charm description. If you don't see the charm attaching option you want please contact us and we will be happy to help. 
The following attachment options are available in sterling silver or 9ct gold.

What are the Charm Attaching Options? 

LINK LOCKS are very secure ways to lock charms into place on a chain, or create a secure loop to instantly turn a charm into a pendant that a chain can be threaded through. A Link Lock is a jump ring that can be locked closed, rather than soldered closed, and once it has been locked into place it is permanently closed. Link Locks are available in sterling silver or 9ct yellow gold and can be added instantly to your order by selecting the link lock option from the "Options for Adding Charms" Add-On selections on each charm product page.
If you choose to add a closed link lock it will be closed in place on the charm so a very fine chain can be threaded through the closed link lock.
If you are handy with jewellery pliers you may learn to use link locks yourself so you can add your charms as you wish! You can find out more about this process, along with a how-to video, on our Link Lock product page.

CLIP-ON CLASPS are a great way to create a charm or pendant that can be clipped straight on to a necklace or chain and worn right away.  This option also lets you change charms as desired. Clip on clasps or clips can be added to just about any charm by choosing from the "Options for Adding Charms" Add-On selection on each charm product page.  If you order the clip-on clasp this way it will be secured to the charm you are purchasing so you can simply clip the charm in place on a bracelet, necklace, keyring etc when it arrives.

SPLIT RINGS are like tiny little key rings that replace the charm jump ring and can be used to join the charm to a chain or turn a charm into a pendant.  Split rings are not securely closed and can pull apart if they catch on clothing, hair etc, but worn with care they will keep your charm in place.  Split rings are easy to use and add yourself and you can instantly add a split ring to any charm by choosing from the "Options for Adding Charms" Add-On selections on each charm product page. 


Turning Charms into Pendants

If you plan to wear a charm as a pendant you can either have the jump ring soldered to your chain by a jeweller after purchase or you can choose Link Locks, Clip-On Clasps or Split Rings to be added to your charm before it is despatched.
A Tapered Bail is another option to turn your charm into a pendant.

TAPERED BAILS are the attachment options most often used for a charm that is going to be worn as a single pendant.  Bails can be attached to your charms instantly and are designed so a chain can be threaded through the closed bail, or a bail can also be opened and attached to a link of a thicker chain. You can instantly add a bail to any charm by choosing from the "Options for Adding Charms" Add-On selections on each charm product page. 

A tapered bail instantly makes a charm look like a pendant and it is very easy to add or remove.


Creating Earrings with Charms

hooks earrings for charmsHOOKS can be added to any of the charms in the Traditional Charm Range to create interesting earrings with special meaning for the wearer.
STUD POSTS can also be added to most charms - please contact us for these options.




Charming Gifts

KEYRINGS can be personalised in sterling silver by adding meaningful symbols or charms to any of Oh My Giddy Aunt's options

BOOK MARKS with a meaningful charm will be treasured gifts for all sorts of occasions from little 'thinking of you' gifts on a tassel, through to sterling silver milestone gifts. 
LAPEL PINS can also be added to the backs of most charms.  Please contact us for information on this option.

Please note, there is no absolutely indestructible way to attach charms. All metal jewellery can break if it is treated too roughly. The rule of thumb is that the more moving pieces a piece of jewellery has, the more care should be taken when wearing and storing.

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