Choosing a Bangle Style

Australian bangles are generally solid circular or oval shapes that slip over the hand.  Some bangles open or expand, or are worn as cuffs and slip over the wrist.
Oh My Giddy Aunt's collection includes a wide range of ready-made bangles, but our specialty is custom-making bangles in Australia in sterling silver and solid 9ct or 18ct yellow, rose and white gold in just about any profile, shape or size your heart desires!
A classic bangle is a timeless piece that can be dressed up or down, worn with other contemporary or antique styles and will be well-loved by the wearer.  It can be a bangle for a lifetime, however how long it lasts depends on the metal it is made from and the sort of wear and tear it will be subjected to over that lifetime. There are several ways to make a bangle.  The amount of gold or silver used in each of the manufacturing processes varies greatly, as does the price and the expected longevity of the bangle. 

Bangle Profile 

bangle profilesThe profile is the shape of the metal used to make the bangle and is usually Round, Oval, Half Round (or Comfort Fit) or Flat. Bangles with round or oval profiles are also called Golf Bangles. Bangles with Flat or Half-Round profiles can also be personalised with engraving or set with birthstones. Bangles can be made in a variety of profile widths, starting at 2mm.



Solid Bangles

solid bangle profilesA solid bangle is made using a solid piece of thick 'wire'. If you were to cut through it you would see the same metal all the way through.  Making a bangle this way creates a substantial, strong bangle that won't rub off, but it also uses a lot of metal and is the heaviest and most expensive way to make a bangle.
Solid bangles can be made in all profile shapes, and depending on the width, Half-Round and Flat profile bangles only use about half the metal that a solid Round bangle uses, and so will be closer to half the price. Oval profile bangles use less precious metal than a fully round bangle but more than a flat or half-round bangle.

Tubular Bangles

Tubular bangles are made from a hollow 'tube' of metal. A bangle made this way is traditionally called a Golf Bangle or Nellie Stewart Bangle. Tubular bangles look the same as solid bangles but as they are hollow they are not as heavy or expensive as completely solid bangles.  Tubular bangles can be made in round or oval profiles.
Bangles made this way are made in all precious metal, so the gold or silver won't rub off and the metal can be recycled at a later date.  The strength of the bangle depends on the thickness of the tube used to create the bangle.   Hollow bangles can pick up little dents along the way but they should tell the story of a lifetime with any little dents or bumps as chapters. The well-loved bangles pictured on the right are all nearly 30 years old!

Silver Filled Bangles

silver filled 9ct gold bangles9ct or 18ct Gold tubular bangles can also be filled with sterling silver to create a heavier bangle.  Sterling silver is inserted into the core of a sturdy tube of 9ct or 18ct gold that is heated to bond to the silver.  This makes bangles heavier and less likely to dent but bangles made this way cannot be as easily recycled if needed and their quality will depend on who is making them and how much gold is used in the manufacture. Our 9ct or 18ct Gold, Silver Filled bangles are made in Australia by manufacturers who have been making them since 1990 and they carry a 10 year manufacturing guarantee.
gold bangles in handYour Giddy Aunts can make a bangle for you in Australia using the methods listed above. As our business is making precious keepsakes we custom make jewellery in sterling silver or solid 9ct or 18ct yellow, rose or white gold that can be restored, regifted, repaired or recycled . Our jewellers have been making bangles for many decades. Maintaining quality as well as a reasonable price is essential to our longevity too! 

Bangle Sizes

Bangles can be made in any size from a tiny baby size 40mm to 70mm and bigger!  If you don't know the bangle size you need you can find further information about bangle sizes by clicking here, or please contact us for options and prices, we are always happy to help create a keepsake that is going to be well loved always! 

Wrist Shapes 

round or oval wrist sizeBangles are most traditionally made in Round or Oval wrist shapes... although your Giddy Aunts have square bangles too!  It is usually easier to work out sizes for round bangles as oval bangles tend to be smaller and sit closer to the wrist, a little like a cuff.  If you would like a bangle in an oval wrist shape and you do not know your size, please contact us for assistance.

PS... a word on Plated Bangles
gold plated children's banglesPlated Bangles are here for a good time, not a long time.  This is the least expensive option as a thin layer of gold or gold coloured metal is plated over a solid base metal bangle and jewellery made this way is best worn occasionally or as fashion jewellery. Gold plated baby and child bangles that is only worn for a short time can be a sensible option for growing hands and your Giddy Aunts can help you with some options.


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