Bangle Sizes 

What's the difference between a Bangle and a Bracelet?

In Australia, bangles are usually round or oval shaped and are put on over the hand and worn around the wrist. You can find more information about Bangle Styles on this link.  Bracelets are usually made out of chain and fasten around the wrist. Bracelets can usually be adjusted for size but it is important to get a bangle size right.

What size Bangle do I need?

The inside diameter of a bangle is the bangle size.
The best way to work out the bangle size you need is by visiting a friendly jeweller with calibrated Bangle Sizing Rings who will measure for you.  The next best way is to measure the inside diameter of a bangle that already fits the wearer. The inside diameter does not include the walls of the bangle but the space inside the bangle. Please remember, knowing the size of a wrist is one thing, but bangles need to be big enough to fit over the hand too. 

An approximate size for a round fit bangle can be worked out by measuring the first three knuckles. 
To do this, make a fist with the hand the bangle will be worn on and measure the length from the outside of the index finger knuckle (next to the thumb) to the point between the third and fourth knuckle (between ring finger and little finger). Use a ruler rather than a flexible tape measure.
This measurement should equal the required inside diameter of the bangle. For example, if the measurement was 65mm you would need a 65mm diameter bangle. While this system works most of the time, it only takes a few millimetres to be out, and if you are not sure of your size it is much better to be measured professionally. 

If you are unable to measure the hand you can use the following rough guide as a 'guesstimate':
 New Baby  41mm diameter
 Baby   44mm diameter
 Toddler  47mm diameter
 Child Small   50mm diameter 
 Child Med   54mm diameter 
 Child Large/Teen  57mm diameter
 Woman Small  60mm diameter 
 Woman Med  64mm diameter 
 Woman Medium Plus  67mm diameter
 Woman Large  70mm diameter 
 Woman Large Plus  73mm diameter
PLEASE NOTE, these sizes are guides only.  Please contact your Giddy Aunts if you would like further help.
If you don't have an existing bangle to measure or can't visit a jeweller, you may also find this information about Working Out Bangle Sizes at Home useful. 

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