Necklace Lengths

Where a necklace 'sits' will depend on the size of the person wearing it and the length, thickness and weight of the chain and any pendants that may be worn on it. A good way to measure the length you need is to take a piece of cord or string that sits all the way around your neck at the length you would like and measure that. The guide below may also help if you are choosing for someone else. 
Children's Necklaces 
Usually a 45cm for older children or a 40cm for younger children. Children should always be supervised while wearing any jewellery and should never be allowed to sleep in necklaces. 

Women's Necklaces 

COLLAR necklaces are very short (30-40cm) and sit high up on the neck. Usually made of ribbon or several strands of beads so the necklace will sit without cutting in) 

CHOKER necklaces (40-45cm) sit on the base of the throat and look great with just about any neckline but particularly off the shoulder clothes. 

PRINCESS necklaces (45-50cm) are the most popular length for everyday wear and for displaying pendants. They sit just above the bust line and look great with plunging necklines or with crew or high necklines. 

MATINEE necklaces (60cm) are longer than the Princess and sit just below the bust line but can be worn in a similar way, particularly over thicker jumpers. Beaded necklaces are usually around a matinee length 

OPERA necklaces (70-90cm) a very stylish length to wear - if you don't have to be picking up babies or working in the garden! Great with a collection of pendants or a single large pendant, Opera length necklaces sit around the waistline in a single strand but can usually be doubled over and worn as a choker. 

LARIAT or ROPE necklaces are 90cm or longer and are usually worn knotted or wrapped... or Victorians (ie from the era not the State) would use an extra-long MUFF chain to keep hand warming muffs in place. 
belcher chain lengths
Some chains, such as the Belcher Chains, can be done up at any point along the links so you can wear them at different lengths or with a long tail as a Y necklace. 

If you would like any advice about necklace lengths please feel free to contact your giddy aunts - we're always happy to help.

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