Pendant - ONE & THE SAME - Sterling Silver

Pendant - ONE & THE SAME - Sterling Silver


What does this amazing sterling silver drop pendant say to you?
A fluid pendant that can be interpreted in so many ways -
Mumma and Bubba?
Joined Tear Drop?
Two as One?
One becoming Two?
I will catch you if you fall?

This puffed, rounded sterling silver pendant is hand-made in Mexico and looks incredible worn on the included black cord necklace.The cord loops over the centre of the pendant and the pendant hangs - beautifully balanced - just like a big, beautiful drop of silver caught mid-fall!

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Pendant is 40mm long and is 35mm wide at the widest point
Beautifully Gift presented and despatched 2-7 business days following order. Please let us know if you need it sooner and we will do our best.
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