Beginners Jewellery Making: Create Your Own Charm Bracelet

Beginners Jewellery Making: Create Your Own Charm Bracelet


Charm bracelets tell stories that connect people, places and precious moments. As one of our most popular pieces, our Chief Giddy Aunt Nikki Johnston has helped create some beautiful keepsakes for people to tell their stories and now we want to help you to do it yourself. 

Learn a new skill, create a hand-made, personalised gift for someone special or craft a keepsake for yourself. The ‘Create Your Own Charm Bracelet’ workshop is the perfect introduction to jewellery making. The price includes a sterling silver Starter Charm Bracelet, including 3 sterling silver charms (worth over $90) personalised with a hand-engraved name. This gift-boxed bracelet is suitable for any size so you can keep it for yourself or give it to another to begin a beautiful story. When you learn the Giddy secrets you will be able to continue adding charms yourself at home, without soldering!
All equipment, material and tuition is provided at this workshop, and in a couple of hours you will:
● Learn the 3 best ways to securely attach sterling silver or solid gold charms yourself,
without paying a trip to the jeweller.
● Practice skills needed to attach charms yourself without soldering or expensive
equipment. These skills can also be used to turn charms into pendants or make minor
repairs to chains and jewellery.
● Develop the confidence to choose the right charm for the right bracelet for any age.
Save time and money in the future with handy jewellery tips.
● Learn how to care for keepsake jewellery to ensure it lasts a lifetime.
● Receive hands-on tuition in a small group with Chief Giddy Aunt Nikki Johnston who has over 20 years experience working with charms and jewellery.
● Take home handy notes and a Giddy Hotline for future assistance when you are creating

Not only that but you also get the chance to make connections with other charm fanciers in the workshop and discover some of the hidden stories of traditional charms AND you will leave with your very own personalised sterling silver charm bracelet with 3 charms worth over $90!
Come along by yourself or with a friend to a Cafe Workshop, held in a private room including a delicious morning tea and plenty of free parking. Next available Cafe Workshops at The Produce Wholefood Pantry  230 Waterworks Road Ashgrove, Qld
  • Friday 7th September 2018, The Produce Wholefood Pantry - 9.30am to 12noon
  • Friday 12th October 2008 - FULLY BOOKED
  • Friday 2nd November 2018, The Produce Wholefood Pantry - 9.30am to 12noon
Please use the promo code WORKSHOP when booking so postage charges will not be added to your order.
This workshop is suitable for people over 16. No previous experience necessary. Please bring reading glasses if you wear them, or magnifiers if you have them. Equipment will be provided for
use on the day. You will also have the option to purchase pliers, cleaning cloths and split ring tools if you would like to take the equipment home with you.
If you would prefer a private workshop and have a minimum of 9 people we can come to your home or office. Please contact us for details.

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