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This fun, lively book is loved by those with tartan socks, spangly bangles, frilly knickers, big imaginations... or with troublesome little brothers!

Written by Chief Giddy Aunt Nikki Johnston, illustrated by Mitch Vane and published Thomas Nelson, this is the story of a girl with tartan socks, spangly bangles, frilly knickers, a big imagination… and... an annoying little brother.

Each time Magenta comes up with an exciting tale about the things she is wearing, her little brother tries to bring her back down to earth with a thud.

Fun to read, or listen to, with illustrations that capture the humour of the story.

4-10 year old children in Australia, the UK and the USA have enjoyed Magenta's Tartan Socks for over 15 years... but sadly Magenta is now out of print... but she still lives in cyberspace and you can download a copy for free!

Download Magenta's Tartan Socks

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