Poetic Pieces - STACKED SET OF RINGS R5- Sterling Silver

Poetic Pieces - STACKED SET OF RINGS R5- Sterling Silver


A trio of rings. Three wise reflections inscribed on three beautiful rings to wear all together in a stack or on different fingers.

Solid sterling silver, each ring in each verse is embossed with a third of the following verses:

1. Work like you don't need the money - Love like you've never been hurt - Dance like no one's watching.

2. Do not dwell in the past - Do not dream of the future - Concentrate the mind on the present moment... Buddha

Ready made by Blue Turtles and ready to send.

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Each ring is 4mm wide and 2mm thick. Together the stack measures approx 15mm 

When ordering sizes please remember that if worn together as a thick ring you may need to go up a size 

Sizes available are M-T
Beautifully Gift presented and despatched 3-10 business days following order. Please let us know if you need it sooner and we will do our best.
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