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Together - Not Apart

Old-Fashioned Symbols that Honour Families Made by Love, not just DNA.   We've been talking about being together/apart for so long, it is lovely to start thinking about being together/forever again.  When we think about weddings ... read more

New Giddy Goodies for May and for You!

There have been many challenges this past month, but there have also been moments of love and joy!  Your Giddy Aunts and elves have been working extra-hard to ensure we have the treasures you want to send directly to those you love; together or ... read more

How Much Does A Signet Ring Cost?

A signet rings tells a story about the wearer. It is an expression of the self: a personal work of art. And like other works of art, signet rings come in a range of styles, sizes and prices. Just as paintings can be oil on canvas, print on cardb... read more

Beauty in Imperfection - Wabi-Sabi

We all have items in our lives that spark precious memories and bring feelings of joy. Maybe it’s a chipped teacup inherited from your grandmother’s wedding china, or a locket with a little bite mark from a toddler now fully grown. The items ar... read more

Australian Gift Ideas

Looking for an Australian keepsake that has actually been made in Australia? Perhaps you have family and friends overseas, or overseas visitors?  Maybe someone is off to see the world and you'd like to give them a little piece of home to take wi... read more

Signet Ring Styles - Hearts

Heart-shaped signet rings in sterling silver or solid 9ct gold have been one of the most popular signet ring styles for children and adults for generations, but do you know why there can be such a difference in price between the different styles of s... read more

What is a Tangram Egg Puzzle

At this time of year it seems everyone's hunting for eggs with a difference. We have lots of egg shaped pendants and charms, but this wooden egg can be used to make 54 other shapes, including a chicken! You may know that this wooden egg puzzle is c... read more

The History of Bluebird of Happiness Jewellery

Many Australians love the iconic little blue bird that has perched upon generations of children's jewellery.  This traditional jewellery symbolises "The Bluebird of Happiness" but where did the story begin, and what is the history of bluebird ... read more

Bella Donna Silver Harmony Ball Guarantee & Affirmations

Bella Donna Silver's Harmony Balls Oh My Giddy Aunt has been selling harmony and chime balls since 1993, online since 2003 and the Bella Donna Silver range is still the best we've seen. Fabulous quality, amazing designs, produced by people who rea... read more

Personalised Christening, Naming Day or Baptism Gifts

Why are traditional baby Christening gifts engraved with names or personalised? Other first gifts include cuddly toys or cute outfits, but Christening, Naming Day or Baptism gifts are usually keepsakes, especially when given by parents, grandparent... read more

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Mother's Day is about saying "thank you".  It can also be a day to celebrate, a day to commemorate, a day to remember or a day to reflect.  Choosing a gift for Mother's Day can be as little and thoughtful, or as big and memorable as you w... read more

The Difference Between Engraving Styles

Engraving is the art of 'carving' letters, numbers, words or designs into hard surfaces including metal, stone or glass.  Humans have made their marks for a very long time and today there are more options than ever before. Marking keepsakes ... read more

A-Z of Charms

The Full List of Charms Stories aren't always written in letters and words. Stories of people, places, times, loves, milestones and adventures have been told in other charming ways for generations, but could you find a charm to tell your story? Y... read more

Expanding Bangles - How Do They Work?

How Does a Bangle Expand?   Expanding bangles sound like just the thing for growing wrists but do you know how they work?  There are several variations of Expandable Bangles but traditionally the most popular style has an overlap of met... read more

Navigating the Charming World of Charms

What is a Traditional Charm? Traditional Charms are back!  According to charm-loving Chief Giddy Aunt they never went away, but over the past few years there have been a few changes in the way we collect and wear charms. Whether charms th... read more

Best Friend's Heart

Jewellery Stories Jewellery carries so many memories and so much personality. It is always wonderful to hear the stories behind them and we thank Kate for the story behind her Mother's Best Friend's Heart.   Ask a friend or family member ab... read more

What is a charm?

We've all heard the word.  We may know about "charm bracelets" but just what exactly is a charm? Is a charm the same as a pendant? Are there different charm styles?  All these questions (and more!) will be charmingly answered in this post... read more


Signet rings are timeless. The popularity of designs may change over the years, and different styles may suit different age groups, but a signet ring is a beautiful, keep-forever way for a wearer to say "this is me".  Signet rings put the pers... read more

Why is Love Heart-Shaped?

 Heart shaped jewellery and keepsakes instantly tell a story of love, but where did the love-heart shape come from?   We say our heart 'skips a beat' when we're excited, breaks with sorrow or is full of joy, but real hearts don... read more

Two Up? Coins Telling Stories

Coins are something many people use every day but some coins tell stories too!  Did you know that while Two-Up is played on Anzac Day to commemorate the diggers with whom it was a popular pastime, the game of chance seems to have been brought ... read more

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