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Working Out Bangle Sizes At Home

Measuring a bangle sizeWhile the best way to measure a bangle size is with a professional set of steel bangle gauge rings, not everyone has a set at home. If you can't visit a jeweller, or if you can't measure the inside diameter of an existing bangle that fits, you can DIY a bangle gauge using stiff cardboard or plastic.

The most important thing to remember is that a bangle doesn't just fit around the wrist, it needs to be able to fit over the hand first.


Making your own Bangle Size Measuring Gauges

1. Use STIFF cardboard or plastic.  Gold and silver bangles don't bend when you put your hand through them so your hand needs to go through the homemade gauge without it bending too.

2. In the middle of a square of cardboard, draw a circle with the diameter you think might fit.  Make sure you leave enough cardboard around the outside of the circle so it won't be flimsy. 

3. Cut out the circle. Now you have a square with a hole in the middle and this is your DIY bangle gauge!


4. Test your bangle gauge by folding your thumb into your fingers and squeezing your hand through the hole.  You will feel your hand push against the sides of the hole, but if you need to push too hard and the gauge bends you will need to try again with a bigger size. Alternatively, if your hand goes through the hole too easily, you might also need to try a smaller size.

This method isn't foolproof but it is a pretty good way to guestimate if you can't have your wrist professionally measured, or if you are not able to measure the size of an existing bangle.  You can also double-check your size by visiting our Bangle Sizes page for a size guide and other methods... or email your Giddy Aunts! We are always happy to help.


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