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Why Wait for a Gold Bangle?

gold bangles australian madeDo you believe "good things come to those who wait"?  It can be well worth an extra week or two for something to be treasured always.  Receiving a solid yellow or rose gold bangle is itself a special occasion, often long wished for, so the right choice is important.  Both bangle & wearer are going to be together for a long time and it is worth a little extra time to make sure it is the dream bangle in 9ct or 18ct yellow, rose or white gold!


Why Custom Make Bangles?

round gold bangles australiaPeople are all shapes and sizes and bangles are all sizes and shapes too! Rather than making you fit a bangle already have in stock, Oh My Giddy Aunt makes the bangle exactly as you would like it.  You choose the style, metal, width and size that suits you and your budget.  Looking for baby bangles or a keepsake bangle for a girl or woman? We can help with suggestions and quote on different styles and sizes as we find just the right one.

Of course if you really really need a bangle urgently we have a selection of readymade golf bangles in sterling silver and 9ct gold bangles in stock that can be sent almost immediately - but if you can wait for 2-4 weeks, we can make you exactly the bangle you want. 

Are Custom Made Bangles More Expensive?

custom made jewelleryBuying a readymade bangle may be faster, but for value, quality and to get the size and style you want, nothing is better than having a bangle made to order! Once you've decided on the bangle you'd like it will be made in Australia by jewellers who have been making bangles for around half a century. Making solid gold bangles to order means there is no waste. Every bangle is a wanted bangle with a loving home to go to! Oh My Giddy Aunt has been selling Australian made gold bangles online since 2003; this means bangles are sent directly to customers and we don't need to increase our prices with additional mark-ups to cover import charges, shopfront costs or expensive overheads.  Making bangles to order in Australia ensures they are of the highest quality and can confidently carry a lifetime manufacturing guarantee excluding wear and tear.

Personalising Made To Order Bangles.laser engraved gold bangles

As each solid gold bangle is made to the requirements of the customer it can also be customised with engraving, charms, birthstones or diamonds. Laser engraved bangles can also be personalised with names, dates, special occasions or even a short verse or quote!

All customising requests will be happily considered, and if it is possible, your Giddy Aunts will make it happen so your gold bangle is well worth the wait!




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