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Why Eggs at Easter?

opening gold egg

What Does An Egg Mean?

Eggs are not just for Easter, but they are certainly very popular at that time of year! Traditionally, an egg represents many things including birth and rebirth, generation and regeneration, springtime or atonement.  In a nutshell, (or p'raps eggshell), eggs  symbolise new beginnings.

While eggs have long been part of Christian Easter celebrations denoting red enamel egg pendantthe Resurrection, decorated eggs were also given in pre-Christian Spring celebrations to represent continuing life, with glorious colours telling the story of nature's renewal. Some stories also tell of the Sun-Bird being hatched in the World Egg, or two halves of an egg forming heaven and earth. 

At this time of year, eggs are hidden, coloured, hunted and rolled. Some people wear them, and some people even eat them!  Oh My Giddy Aunt's Egg range is not for eating, but they will be around to tell the stories of new beginnings for many years to come.

egg jewellery


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