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Why Are Engraved Silver Cups a Christening or Baby Gift?

Silver Baby's Name mugCommemorative keepsake gifts are given by close family, friends or Godparents to celebrate a birth, naming day or christening but why is an engraved silver baby cup or tankard such a popular gift? 
Keepsake gifts are intended to mark one of life’s first milestones and are usually gifts that can be kept always or engraved with initials, names, dates of births, special occasions or perhaps even the family crest!

A personalised cup is a tangible way to record a chapter in baby’s life and, depending on the design, it can also be used; sometimes as an every day mug, sometimes as a special occasion tankard.  As baby grows the precious cup may also take pride of place on a bookshelf or become a receptacle for little trinkets. Some families continue the tradition by having the names of future generations engraved.
sterling silver baby Christening mug engravedBaby mugs are quite small, which is fortunate if you have your heart set on a sterling silver keepsake cup.  Even the smallest mug requires quite a lot of precious metal to make and this will be reflected in the price and the workmanship.  Handcrafted pewterware mugs can also be beautifully worked and create a keepsake to be cherished.  Pewter christening mugs are usually a little more decorative as they are not as costly to make.
In addition to the value of a silver cup as a gift, a mug has traditional symbolism for a child's naming ceremony. Christening keepsake jewellery also has meaning and symbolism but cups may represent a wish that the child will always have the nourishment required to grow healthy and strong.  The tradition of a christening tankard is thought to date back to the ancient drinking vessels of Northern Europe or perhaps even represent the ‘silver chalice’ used at the Last Supper. To some a cup represents an empty vessel ready to be filled, or it may even be used in the Christening ceremony.


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