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Why a Golf Bangle?

round golf bangles silver and gold Many people remember the classic golf bangle from childhood.  Perhaps you had one, or perhaps you secretly coveted your best friend's bangle?  Perhaps your mother or grandmother always wore one in silver or gold?

A timeless, fully round bangle is always in style but what makes a classic bangle a "Golf Bangle" that can be worn with any outfit on any day of the week or at any special occasion?


What is a Traditional Golf Bangle?

golf bangles in silver and gold Oh My Giddy Aunt's Australian jewellers have been making bangles in sterling silver, 9ct or 18ct yellow, rose or white gold for half a century.  They know how to make a bangle! Traditionally, a Golf bangle is a fully round bangle in a round wrist shape made from round, hollow tubes of sterling silver or solid gold. These Tubular or Hollow bangles have thick walls of solid metal that allow them to be wider and thicker without being too heavy.  

What about Solid Golf Bangles?

solid gold golf bangleIn the past, the term was usually given to hollow round bangles but these days people call both the hollow and the solid versions Golf Bangles. Fully round bangles made from a solid sterling silver or gold wire are also called "Solid Round" or "Fully Round" bangles. If you were able to cut one in half you'd see it is made with the same metal all the way through. 

Silver-filled or plated bangles may feel heavy and solid, but the metal on the outside is not the same as the metal on the inside and it will wear off over time.  Choosing the bangle style to suit you is easier once you understand bangle styles. 


What is the Difference between Golf Bangles?

Tubular Golf bangles don't require as much metal as solid bangles to make and so they cost less. However, because tubular bangles are lighter they may pick up little dints if they are banged about.  Some people see little dings as part of the bangle's story, giving a well-loved bangle a well-loved look, however if you want a bangle that can be polished back as good as new, a solid bangle is the one for you!hollow or solid golf bangle

A solid silver or gold bangle can also be resized by a jeweller at a later date by cutting and soldering a section into the bangle. If you have invested in a baby or child size bangle up-sizing enables the bangle to be worn as the child grows. It is not as easy to do this with hollow bangles without ending up with a 'flat' spot but hollow baby bangles can be kept as a keepsake and worn by the next little sister, cousin or generation.  An adult size bangle in both styles are a lifetime bangle.

But WHY are Golf Bangles Called Golf Bangles?

lady golfer vintageWe wish we knew!  We know Tennis Bracelets got their name in 1978 after Chris Evert's diamond bracelet fell off in the US open and game was suspended until it was found, but in all our years of making and selling precious Golf Bangles we still haven't been able to find out where the name came from.  We also know that in Australia in the early 20th century these bangles were known as Nellie Stewart Bangles, but where and when did the "Golf" name start? The best story we have heard so far is that in the early days of 'Ladies' Golf Tournaments' Golf Bangles were given as prizes or trophies... but we still don't really know. 

If you have a better story, please share, so many Golf-Bangle Lovers would love to know too!


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