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What's the Buzz about Bees?

bee jewellery and rings
Why is it that Bee Charms, Rings and Pendants are so bee-loved? Throughout the world the bee is a symbol of many things; wisdom, birth and rebirth, industry, community and hope. 

One is said to be as "Busy as a Bee" for good reason. Little bees achieve amazing things through diligence and effort. In addition to being highly industrious workers, Bees represent domestic peace and harmony as they work together with a united goal. The intricate honeycomb structure is a miraculous network that creates strength through unity and harmony.

bee charms silver or goldBees have a special magic as they collect pollen from flowers and turn it into "liquid gold" or "nectar of the gods" - honey. Honey's healing powers are widely acknowledged. In Ireland, honey-wine was thought to be the drink of immortality, and consequently bees were protected by law! Someone gifted with eloquence or the ability to "sweet-talk". A smooth talker is said to have "lips anointed with honey".

Bees have had a long relationship with humans. Legend has it that in order to keep the bees settled in their beehives, they must be included in family happenings. "Telling the Bees"by sharing special occasions or the news of a birth or death in the family is a custom said to help keep bees calm and part of the family.
Many ancient cultures have bees as part of their story and in Indian, ancient Near East and Aegean cultures the bee was believed to be the sacred insect that bridged the natural world to the underworld.
Priestesses worshiping the Goddess Artemis were called Bees, and many of our names today come from Bees, including Melissa, Alyssa, Beatrice, Beckett, Deborah, Devora, Lissa, Lissandra and Mischa.  Many more of us have Bee or Honey nicknames, which may also explain our love affair with bee jewellery!


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