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What to wear instead of the Wedding Ring?

laser engraved rings gold

A wedding ring is one of the ultimate symbols of love, but what do you do when the  when the wedding ring comes off? 

oh my giddy auntAccording to Amy Vanderbilt's 1952 etiquette book (also great for learning the proper way to pay off your debts when you lose at cards and how to prepare and eat artichokes), proper wedding and engagement ring etiquette after divorce dictates repurposing.  In other words, having the ring remade into another piece of jewellery. 
We know it’s not 1952, but this is still a fabulous option, to take something old and make it new again, and many women choose to continue this beautiful tradition. Others put their old ring in a box up on a high shelf. Still others simply sell it. But whatever you decide to do, almost all, eventually, want to move on.  And a symbolic piece of jewellery to commemorate a new chapter or fresh start can be a beautiful way to do it.

What’s a Divorce Ring - New Chapter or Divorce Jewellery?

Since the 1950s, divorce rings have been growing in popularity. Some people miss wearing a
ring, especially if they’ve worn a wedding band for a long time. And others want a sense of
closure. There’s something so powerful about shedding the old, and replacing it with something new that’s distinctly and totally about YOU. But for us… we love them because they feel like the true symbol of ultimate love – the love we have for ourselves.

laser engraved bangleOf course, there’s no reason to limit ourselves to rings! After all, we’re casting off the old for something newer and better. We don’t have to stick to any conventions at all. And that’s why we’re huge fans of meaningful jewellery that tells your story.  Even though we don’t feel the need to stick with any conventions, we’re still a tiny bit obsessed about symbols here at OMGA HQ. And since it’s your new life, your new jewellery should represent something meaningful for you. And we’ve got just a few suggestions.


Birthstone or Family Rings

family birthstone rings australiaYour marriage might be ending, but your family is not. Many women like to focus on their children for their new piece of jewellery… after all, they are the true, abiding loves of their lives. A birthstone ring is a beautiful way to do that.
Family rings can be set with multiple birthstones to create a piece that is not only it is a gorgeous, heart-warming piece to wear every day, but it’s also set to become a beloved family heirloom.



Symbolic Rings

puzzle rings australian madeFinding a ring that symbolises something for you is a fantastic way to celebrate yourself.
Symbolic rings are available in many different symbols, shapes and sizes. A buckle ring symbolises strength, the image of wheat, the seasons and a star, a momentous change.
Or wear a puzzle ring to show how you’re fitting all the pieces of your new life together. It doesn’t really matter what the symbol is – just that it is meaningful and special to you.



Engraved Jewellery

laser engraved bangles australiaMany people have words of love engraved on their wedding rings. What could be more important than carrying that tradition on to your own piece of jewellery. After all, you
deserve all the words of love and support, especially from yourself. And you don’t have to stick with laser engraved ringsEngraved bangles and bands, signets and compasses, all can personalised with words just for you with hand-engraving or laser engraving. Choose your own words or message, from your new special date to your new initials, engraving is a wonderful way to remind yourself of who you are.



Harmony Ball Jewellery

harmony ball plainHarmony balls are simply beautiful in their own right – gentle curves covered with soft swirls and circles with their associated affirmations. They feel simply stunning to wear either as a pendant, where they lie close to your heart, or as earrings, where they lie close to your mind. Harmony Ball Jewellery gives a very soft, gentle chime when you move that’s a reminder to your heart and your mind of who you are, and how you are loved. Especially by yourself.



Angel Wing Jewellery

angel wing jewellery australiaAt the end of the day, we all need angels to watch over us – whether you believe they’re in the form of heavenly spirits or simply the everyday angels that are part of our lives – we
need their protection and love. This is especially true when we’re going through important changes in our lives.  Our angel wing jewellery reminds you that you're not alone, even when you feel at your lowest. They are also a reminder of all those who are watching over and protecting you.


Your New Life Deserves...

heart ring lovePeriods of change can be hard, and sometimes conflicting. The end of a marriage can feel like the end of an era as well as the beginning of your new life. And the removal of a beloved piece of jewellery can feel both incredibly sad and utterly freeing. 

But no matter how you’re feeling, you deserve to embrace your new life and look forward to the adventures and richness that it’s going to bring. So, whether you need a reminder of how much you are loved through the soft chimes of a harmony bell nestled around your neck, or a symbol of your enduring family with a beautiful birthstone ring that snugly fits where your wedding band used to lie, divorce jewellery does more than the name implies. It is truly the ultimate gift of love… to yourself.


What is a charm?

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