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What Size Ring Should You Choose?

ring sizes in AustraliaA beautiful, meaningful ring is such a personal gift for people of all ages and stages and it is even better if you can get the size right too!  Most rings can be resized by a jeweller if needed, but these handy Ring Size Tips and Hints may help you work out how to find your ring size, saving you time and money in the long run.

Are Ring Sizes for Children or Adults? 

signet rings gold and silver
The good news is that unlike shoe sizes, ring sizes are the same for everyone!  Of course everyone has different sized fingers but the sizing system used to classify ring dimensions is the same for everyone. 
For example, an adult man with fine fingers may wear the same ring size as a young girl with larger hands.  There are no sizes for children or adults, men or women, mermaids or fairies - all ring sizes are listed in relation to the dimensions of the ring.

Do Ring Sizes Differ from Country to Country?

ring stick sizesIn Australia and the UK, ring sizes start at A and go all the way up to Z and beyond.  In the USA ring sizes are named by numbers 1-10 rather than letters. Most countries will follow the UK or US system, and these days, many work with both systems.
Some jewellery companies also use sizes particular to their own brand to try to maintain a point of difference but the standard A-Z or 1-10 are the most usual ring measurements for most jewellers.
Oh My Giddy Aunt custom makes rings in both Australian/UK Letter sizes and USA Number sizes. Custom made rings are typically available in full or half sizes.

How Tight Should a Ring Be?

A good size ring fits snugly and gives a little resistance when taken off.  A quick test is to give the hand a gentle shake and see if the ring stays on. Please note, it is important to shake your hand somewhere you'll be able to easily find the ring if it does fly off! 
Some people have larger knuckles which make it a tight squeeze to get a ring on, but once it is on it might be loose on the finger.  Thinner rings, or rings will heavy stones are more likely to spin around the finger if they are too loose but there are a couple ring clip smallerof solutions for this problem, including handy little ring clips!
In the old days, bits of wool, cotton, string or pieces of bandaid were wrapped around the back of a loose ring to make it a bit smaller.  These days, a neat little ring clip can be added at home to adjust the size of a ring.
Please be aware that ring sizes and finger sizes are two different things. While your finger might be a size N, the size of the ring you need to fit that finger will also depend on the width of the ring.  If you are considering a wider ring you may need a size larger.  Finer, thinner rings like signet rings may not need to be as big as a wider ring as they do not occupy as much space on the finger and will slip easily on and off over the knuckle. 

Do Finger Sizes Change?

girl's signet ring sizesLike shoe sizes, you may find yourself needing a different size over the years.  Sometimes a loving husband may remember his blushing bride needed a size L ring when their wedding rings were purchased, but 20 years later she probably needs to have her fingers measured again.
And, children's fingers grow! 
A signet ring is usually the first precious ring and is often bought to fit the middle finger or one of the larger fingers and then move down the hand to the pinkie finger as little hands go through life.
Rings can be measured with more accuracy than fingers, which is why we work in ring sizes rather than finger sizes.  Fingers are fleshy and can also change size depending on the weather, weight, water, and many other day to day factors. A ring that fits perfectly inside an air-conditioned shop may suddenly be far too tight if you have worn it on a long walk during a hot day.

What is the Best Way to Find Ring Sizes?

working out ring sizesIf you do not know your ring size, the best and safest method is to visit a jeweller who will cheerfully measure your finger and help you find the ring size you need. Plastic reusable ring sizers are easy to use and a good option if you can't get to a jeweller. 
There are lots of "ring measuring systems" online, including printable guides, but please take care as these are not always accurate and may print at a slightly different size and millimetres matter when measuring rings.  
ring size chartsThe inside diameter of the ring is the most accurate way to work out the size. Another good way to work out ring sizes at home is to measure the inside diameter of a ring that already fits and is about the same width as the ring you are considering purchasing. Inside diameters should not include the 'walls' of the ring itself, just the space inside the ring.  You can easily work out the ring size using the Ring Size Chart , or simply give us those measurements when you order we can work out the size for you. 
Measuring the circumference of a finger with a piece of string or paper is NOT a good idea as string and bits of paper are flexible and the measurements will not be accurate. Much better to measure the diameter of a ring that fits.

What is the Average Ring Size in Australia?

Ring sizes can vary widely from person to person.  Just as some 10 year olds will be tiny and some will be very tall, ring sizes will vary too, however most children's signet rings are ordered in sizes K-N as these sizes will usually fit a larger finger on a child and a pinkie finger when the child has grown. The most typical sizes in Australia for adult women are Small: N-O, Medium: P-Q and Large: R-S.  The most typical sizes in Australia for adult men are Small: T-U, Medium: V-W and Large: X-Y.
Please take care in choosing the size you need.  While it may be possible to resize some rings if needed there may be a charge for this work and prices will depend on whether rings are sterling silver or solid gold. 

BUT... How Can I Work Out Ring Measurements in Secret for a Surprise?

signet child We get it.  Sometimes you want the ring to be a wonderful surprise, so we'd like to let you in on some tips and tricks customers have shared with us over the years.
If the wearer already has a ring that fits (even if it is just a plastic child's ring) simply measure the inside diameter and match up the diameter with the size in the table above.
Perhaps you wear a ring that looks as though it might be the right size for the potential ring recipient? Casually ask them to try it on... and then later measure the inside diameter of that ring when the giftee is not looking!
Hold hands and surreptitiously try to match one of the giftee's fingers to one of yours. Is her middle finger as big as your little finger? Is his pinkie as big as your thumb? And then work out the measurement of your finger.
We have even heard of people measuring fingers while the potential ring recipient is asleep, but you would need to ensure you have a sound sleeper!
If all else fails and you are looking for a ring for a child, a size M will usually fit most bigger children on at least one finger, and if not, the good news is that they will grow into it :) 


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