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What is a Tangram Egg Puzzle

egg shaped tangramAt this time of year it seems everyone's hunting for eggs with a difference. We have lots of egg shaped pendants and charms, but this wooden egg can be used to make 54 other shapes, including a chicken! You may know that this wooden egg puzzle is called a Tangram, but do you know their fascinating origin?

 Tangram Puzzle Origins

Over 2000 years ago in ancient China, a beautiful ceramic tile was the proud possession of a man named Tan.  Unfortunately one day Tan dropped his beloved tile and it shattered into many pieces of different shapes and sizes. Legend has it that Tan spent the rest of his days trying to restore his tile by trying to fit the pieces back together again. While Tan didn't ever manage to get the tile back together again, he discovered many new geometric designs and patterns, all in the process of trying.  And so the Tangram was born.  Or so the story goes...

Egg Shaped Puzzles

heart wooden puzzleThe Chicken & Egg is just one Tangram available.  These fascinating wooden puzzles come in many shapes and sizes including a Heart for two.  Tangram sets can be played by one or two, challenging players to form the shapes on the cards or create your own new designs, just like Tan!

Personalised Puzzles

wooden puzzles personalisedPuzzles are often a metaphor for life. Effort, determination, resilience and a little luck are all required to meet the challenge. And puzzles are all about connection.  Hand-engraved with names, dates or a message, a wooden puzzle can be a meaningful gift for any of life's milestones or celebrations. 


Keepsake Puzzles

Personalised jigsaw puzzle ringPuzzles have long been popular and meaningful keepsakes.  A simple jigsaw puzzle piece pendant or charm can hold different meanings for different people, including "fitting together", "belonging", "missing you" and "you complete me".  Engraved with a name and personalised, Puzzle Links have been creating beautiful Mother's and family jewellery for over a decade.



Puzzle Rings

gold puzzle rings australiaPerhaps one of the most intricate Keepsake Puzzles is the ancient Puzzle Ring. Traditional interconnected rings that fit together to form a single ring to symbolise a union or to celebrate a significant personal milestone or achievement.

Sometimes called "Harem" or "Turkish Wedding" rings with the story that the bands would fall apart if the ring was taken off the finger. However, since puzzle rings can easily be taken off without falling apart, this story is most likely just a story!  


What is a charm?

Australian Lucky Charms

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