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What Does the Tooth Fairy Do With Teeth?

tooth fairy box keepersLet's sort something out.  The Tooth Fairy would like it known that TF core business is not just to collect lost teeth; it is to start new smiles!  However a question still remains, just what does Toothfairy do with all the teeth collected?

For over a century in Australia the Tooth Fairy has helped small children (and their parents) transition from 'baby' to 'big' with joy and excitement. There are Tooth Fairy Keeper Boxes, shiny coins, pillows, tooth-glasses and all sorts of stories and books to celebrate this special milestone and make A Visit from the Tooth Fairy,  aka, Loosing a Tooth, an event to look forward to, rather than something to be anxious about.

Tooth Fairy Jewellery

There are different traditions around the world with wonderful stories, however, exactly what happens to the collected teeth remains a bit of a mystery. In some family traditions, the  first tooth goes to the parents and over the years these have been kept safely in lockets or even set into rings or gold charms to wear on necklaces or bracelets.tooth fairy necklace

These days, Tooth Fairy Jewellery usually consists of good luck charms or pendants for the wobbly toothed child to wear, rather than the parents.  Oh My Giddy Aunt's Tooth Fairy Wish Charm bracelet was created with instructions from TF so each time a lost tooth is collected a personalised Wish-Charm is left in place until the charm bracelet is full of wonderful wishes along with the new smile.

Many other theories abound about what the Tooth Fairy does with collected teeth and most of them sound plausible, although one or two of them may not be worth thinking about in too much detail! 

What Happens To Baby Teeth The Tooth Fairy Collects?

According to popular folklore, teeth collected by the Tooth Fairy are:

  • Used to build fairy castles
  • Made into tiny bricks for all sorts of fairy infrastructure projects including roads and fences
  • Turned into stars in the night sky
  • Used to create fairy furnituretooth fairy charm bracelet
  • Used to create jewellery for the Fairy Queen
  • Magicked into tiny new teeth for fairy babies, or human babies or older people without teeth!
  • Displayed in the great Fairy Museum if they have been particularly well cared for
  • Ground into sand for the beach, or fairy sparkles, or stardust
  • Set into the centre of a wand or a fairy tiara, or polished into beautiful pearls

Perhaps there are other uses; other than being tucked away in a cupboard somewhere and forgotten about, only to be found several years later?! 

Is there a Tooth Fairy story in your family?  We'd love to hear it!



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