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what do you call a gold or silver cup cake?

cupcake charm goldCupcakes are instant smile-makers - just about everyone loves them!  These sweet little treats evoke memories of childhood or party-time, but do you call them "cupcakes", "fairy cakes" or "patty cakes"?

Oh My Giddy Aunt's precious  cup cake charms and pendants are made in Australia in solid sterling silver or 9ct gold as Keepsakes to be kept forever; so we call them "Keepcakes"!  

There are a few theories as to why the edible version of this delectable little cake is called a cup cake.  It could be because the "single" serve size cake is about the size of a cup. Or because they were baked in pottery ramekins or "cups". Or because the ingredients were measured in cups rather than being weighed.


Oh My Giddy Aunt's Keepcake Cupcakes have been inspired by one of the oldest known English nursery rhymes "Pat-a-Cakes".  Each little cake is individually made to order to  tell a personal story. You probably loved the rhyme as a baby, whether you called it "pat-a-cake" or "patty-cake".

tea pot and cupcake necklace


Pat-a-cake, pat-a-cake, baker's man. Bake me a cake as fast as you can; Pat it and prick it and mark it with B, Put it in the oven for baby and me

The earliest recorded version of the rhyme appears in Thomas D'Urfey's play The Campaigners from 1698, where a nurse says to her charges: "...and pat a cake Bakers man, so I will master as I can, and prick it, and prick it, and prick it, and prick it, and prick it, and throw't into the Oven".


The next appearance of the nursery rhyme is in Mother Goose's Melody, (c. 1765): when it appears slightly altered:

Patty Cake, Patty Cake, Baker's Man; 
That I will Master,
As fast as I can;
Prick it and prick it,
And mark it with a T,
And there will be enough for Jacky and me.

cupcake bead

Whether you call them pat-a-cakes, patty cakes, fairy cakes, baby cakes, cupcakes (or even Keepcakes) they are a little bit like balloons in that they remind us of the simple joys of life.

And no one can ever look grumpy when they are holding a cup cake! 


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