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Well-loved Bluebird Jewellery

bluebird bracelet ring earrings brooch

Bluebird Jewellery Meaning 

Bluebird of Happiness bracelets, earrings, lockets and rings have been much-loved baby and childhood jewellery favourites for generations.  The symbolism and meaning of the bluebird is part of the reason for this tradition. The Bluebird of Happiness jewellery is often given to celebrate Christenings, the start of Preschool or School or as a keepsake for a child's milestone or birthday. Bluebird jewellery is often part of a family tradition and is sometimes worn as the "something blue" on a wedding day.

First precious jewellery pieces are usually well-loved and well-worn... but sometimes they can be loved a little too hard! If you have overly-loved bluebird jewellery in need of a little TLC it may be possible to restore it to its original glory, especially if it is sterling silver or solid 9ct yellow or rose gold. Some of the precious bluebirds pictured at the end of this post have been loved for two or three generations and tell family stories of family as well as the traditional meaning of bluebird jewellery.

Sterling Silver and Solid Gold Children's Jewellery

fixing bluebird jewellerySterling Silver and solid 9ct gold Bluebird Jewellery can be restored.  Real gold and silver can be polished 'good as new' and any breaks in precious metal can be fixed by a jeweller so it can be passed on to the next generation.   

Plated bluebird jewellery can't really be repaired but it costs much less than solid gold and can sometimes be suitable for pieces that are only going to be worn occasionally or for a short time. Plating will rub off with wear and care needs to be taken as cleaners designed for precious metal can also remove plating.   

Restoring Enamel Bluebirds on Jewellery

Sometimes, over the years and the adventures, the occasional little bluebird may fly off a bracelet or brooch. If jewellery is dropped or knocked about too much some of the blue enamel may be chipped however there are a few options for restoring old bluebirds.

1. Old to New Bluebirds

bluebird to attachSometimes the simplest and most cost effective option is to replace lost or damaged bluebirds on precious metal blue bird bracelets, rings or brooches with a brand new bluebird.  Little replacement bluebirds are available with sterling silver or 9ct gold backings and it is best to firmly adhere these with jewellery glue as soldering or heat will disrupt the enamel.

If your jewellery is sentimental and you want to keep the original bluebird you will need Option Two or Three.


2. Re-Enamelling Bluebirds

gold bluebird braceletDepending on the bluebird design and metal it may be possible to restore the damaged enamel but it will require a specialist jeweller who can remove the old enamel and replace it with new enamel - and it may end up costing more than the jewellery.  If you are looking to have your bluebird restored by a jeweller please contact us for more information. The success of this option will also depend on the bluebird's enamel as older bluebirds will be enamelled with fused powdered glass and modern pieces may be resin.

3. Fixing Bluebird Jewellery at Home

restoring bluebird enamelIf you just need to fix a little chip in your bluebird's enamel the answer may be in your bathroom!

A tiny amount of nail polish in the same colour blue will adhere to the metal and fill in the missing space.  Use a pin, toothpick or something fine to apply polish, taking care to stay within the lines. Depending on the polish, you may need a couple of applications, allowing the polish to dry each time.

enamel bluebird fix

This method isn't perfect but it will have your bluebird looking happy again and your purse will be happy too! 

Please contact us if you would like any further information about any of these options, your Giddy Aunts are always happy to help.


Blue Birds with Meaning

The bluebirds of happiness pictured below have been telling the stories of real people, places and times for past 20, 30, 40 and 50 years.  Well-loved, well-worn and treasured always!



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