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Two Up? Coins Telling Stories

Coins are something many people use every day but some coins tell stories too!  Did you know that while Two-Up is played on Anzac Day to commemorate the diggers with whom it was a popular pastime, the game of chance seems to have been brought over from England and Ireland by convicts. It was also played by Australian soldiers during the World Wars to while away the hours and to raise funds for prisoners of war.


What is Two-Up?

australian penny coin frameTwo coins are placed onto the throwing-paddle called a kip. After bets have been made, the spinner is called to make the throw, "Come in Spinner!" Do you remember the ABC mini-series set in 1940s Sydney by the same name?  Coins must land in the circle or square, or the coins must be re-thrown. Two Up is legalised just for Anzac Day and is played in local Returned & Services Leagues across Australia.

Turning Coins Into Jewellery

You could wear your lucky penny, or your two-up coin of choice, safely around your neck as a pendant after your spin. 

Sterling Silver or 9ct Gold Coin Pendants are a traditional way to wear and display coins with a significant date, country or story without damaging the coin. 

Coin collectors may also have a special jewel in their collection that can actually be worn as a special jewel... from their collection!

Coins that are still in circulation must not be defaced or damaged, but coins that are no longer in use can be turned into interesting coin bracelets, cufflinks or pendants with stories of the past to tell stories for the future. 


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