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Traditional or Contemporary Anniversary Gifts - What's the difference?

Traditional & Modern Anniversaries


Anniversaries are a time of celebration and tradition, but there can be confusion about which gift is given in which year. Both the Traditional and Contemporary Anniversary Gift lists have fabulous ideas but Giddy Aunts believe milestones should also be made meaningful your way.

However you fit together, and whether it's paper or diamonds, or anything in between, may your anniversaries mark many chapters of love and laughter to be remembered always.


1st: paper
2nd: cotton
3rd: leather
4th: fruit and flower; linen
5th: wood
6th: sugar and sweet; iron
7th: wool; copper
8th: bronze and rubber
9th: pottery and willow
10th: tin; aluminium
11th: steel
12th: silk and fine linen
13th: lace
14th: ivory
15th: crystal
16th: peridot
17th: watch
18th: cat's eye
19th: aquamarine
20th: china
25th: silver
30th: pearls; ivory
35th: coral; jade
40th: rubies
45th: sapphires
50th: gold
55th: emeralds
60th: diamonds
CONTEMPORARY connecting key ring

1st: clocks
2nd: china
3rd: crystal; glass
4th: electrical appliances
5th: silverware
6th: wood
7th: desk sets
8th: linens; lace
9th: leather
10th: diamond jewellery
11th: fashion jewellery; accessories
12th: pearls; coloured gems
13th: textiles; furs
14th: gold jewellery
15th: watches
16th: silver hollow ware
17th: furniture
18th: porcelain
19th: bronze
20th: platinum
25th: sterling silver
30th: diamonds
35th: jade
40th: rubies
45th: sapphires
50th: gold
55th: emeralds
60th: diamonds


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