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Top 10 Almost Instant Christmas Gifts

Looking for a personal gift but need it even faster than ASAP? There are many ready to send options and we'll let you in on a little secret.  Adding a hand-engraved name, date or short message will instantly personalise just about anything. 

If you are really short of time, remember your Giddy Aunts can send pressies directly to the recipient for you. Or if you are really, really, really short of time a Gift Voucher may be the answer!  

silver charm bracelet personalised

1. Heart Starter Charm Bracelet Sterling Silver 

Personalised with a hand-engraved name, the perfect keepsake charm bracelet for any age.  If you want to really personalise it choose an extra charm or two to tell a story.


 personalised guitar pick

2. Guitar Pick Engraved Sterling Silver

Hand cut in Australia, personalised sterling silver Guitar Picks can be hand-engraved with a name, date or meaningful message and worn as a pendant or used as a keepsake. 


xo stud earrings 

 3. XO Studs Sterling Silver

The earrings everyone wants!  We have sterling silver XO stud earrings ready to send.  (9ct gold will be made again in Jan)


 photo lockets

4. Lockets

Most sterling silver and 9ct gold lockets in the Giddy Collection (including Enamel Eggs and Photo Balls) are in stock and ready to send.  Add a photo or two and create a gift that will end in tears... in a good way!




personalised pendants

5. Puzzle Pieces, Stars, Buttons, Cranes, Platypodes (Platypi? Platypuses?)

Just about all of our plain sterling silver pendants can be hand-engraved with a name, date or short message.  Create a necklace or add them to a bookmark or keyring to create a keepsake that will be loved and used



 personalised christmas ornaments

6. Christmas Ornaments

Keepsake Xmas Decorations in stock and ready to engrave and send. A different design for each niece, nephew, Nana, Nanny or neighbour!



ballerina jewellery box

7.  Jewellery Boxes

A fabulous range of jewellery boxes in all shapes and styles are in stock and ready to send now.  (Personalising will begin again in Jan)  


whistle gold plated

8. Gold Plated Whistles

This is the ultimate gift for the Teacher, Coach, Walker, Boss, Bossyboots who has everything!  Beautifully gift boxed gold plated ACME whistle to be worn around the neck or added to a keyring.


 pearl bracelets girls and women

9. Girl's Pearls 

All pearl jewellery on the website is ready made and ready to send, whether you are thinking of a little girl's first pearl bracelet or beautiful pearls for a grown-up girl. Pearly perfection.



personalised compasses and clocks

10. Compasses and Curios

Your giddy aunts don't make these but we do hand engrave compasses, clocks, watches, whistles and more. That means...  in stock and ready to send!


Still need more ideas quick as a flash?  Please browse through our Christmas Gift Ideas or please contact us - we are always happy to help with keepsakes that are going to be treasured.



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