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The Best Chain for Gold Charm Bracelets

gold charm braceletA solid gold charm bracelet is called an investment piece for good reason.  The value of 9ct and 18ct gold and the addition of gold charms can quickly add up to create a very precious keepsake.  It is important to get the first step right and choose a chain that to keep charms, memories and stories safe and sound. You can even learn to securely attach charms yourself without soldering!


Charm Bracelet Sizes & Lengths

bracelet for charm 9ct gold Fine or baby gold chains are suitable for one or two light charms but if you are planning on adding a charm for each birthday or special occasion it may prove better in the long run to begin with a thicker chain, unless you plan to transfer charms to a heavier or longer bracelet as the child grows.  

There are only a few centimetres difference between bracelet sizes for an adult length (19cm) and a baby or child length (15cm, 16cm or 17cm) but each centimetre can be the difference between a bracelet fitting. 

A 19cm bracelet can be adapted to fit little wrists in a couple of ways.  If the links are large enough a bracelet can be clasped along the links and moved along as the child grows.  Another option is to have the last few centimetres taken off by a jeweller and added back on at a later stage.


Charm Bracelet Links Styles

gold bracelet heart charmsThe style you choose will depend on personal preference but it is important to choose links that are solid and soldered to ensure the charms are attached to a secure base. Charms can be attached with a variety of different charm attaching options but all of the attaching options are only as good as the bracelet link they are attaching to.

As many solid gold charm bracelets are worn over a lifetime and passed on to the next generation Oh My Giddy Aunt favours classic chains that will always be in style but charm bracelets can be created using just about any chain with a solid, soldered link with enough room to hold the charm's jump ring, or any other charm attaching option you are choosing.  

Top Charm Bracelet Chain Styles

bracelet styles for charmsEach of the following chain styles are excellent charm bracelets because they tick all the boxes.  They are timeless, can be adjusted for size and Oh My Giddy Aunt's bracelets have solid, soldered links. The most popular styles include Round Belcher, Oval Belcher, Figaro, Curb and Cable

Round Belcher chains require more metal than the other styles to create and so cost a little more. An Oval Belcher will give you the length without the width and therefore do not require as much metal to create the bracelet length - in 9ct gold this makes a big difference to the total cost of the bracelet.  Figaro, curb and cable chains usually have fine links but as long as there is enough room in the middle of the link to hold the charm's jump ring they will all tell beautiful stories!  Most bracelet styles can be made in a variety of lengths or widths so if you have something special in mind that you can't see on the website please just ask and we will be happy to help.


Gold Vs Silver

2tone gold silver chainChoosing gold or silver will depend on several factors including personal preference, the value, how and where it will be worn, cleaning and the cost.  Sterling silver bracelets for charms start around $20 while 9ct gold bracelets start around $200. If you love gold but want to create a piece that can be worn every day without worrying about it getting lost or disappearing,  a two tone bracelet or three tone bracelet is a lovely solution. A sterling silver bracelet interspersed with solid gold links also gives you the flexibility of adding gold or silver charms as the story grows over the years. Multi-tone jewellery looks pretty and goes with everything!


Oh My Giddy Aunt can custom make many bracelets in different metals or styles so you can tell your story, your way.  If you have something special in mind please contact us, we're always happy to help!


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