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The Albertina Jewellery Story

albertina necklace

The Albertina - Enduring Style

Giddy Aunts love real jewellery, worn by real people, with real stories that last through the generations!  Your Giddy Aunts received a wonderful message and photo from Giddy Kris: Today I am wearing my grandfather's watch chain. I don't remember him as I was very little when he died, but I love that I can have him with me for the day through wearing this. Isn't it gorgeous? This is one huge plus for handing jewellery down through the generations! Kris

It is indeed gorgeous Kris!  And what is even more exciting is that we can see the family resemblance between this stunning, antique chain and the Albertina jewellery that our Giddy jewellers are still making today! 

Albertina jewellery is a term used to refer to an enduring Victorian style featuring elaborate balls, hearts, fobs and wonderful tassels interspersed along fabulous chains.

This distinctive Albertina is the elaborate version of the Albert chain used for fobs and watches. Albert chains were named after Queen Victoria's husband.  Albertina chains were usually much prettier with decorative features and were worn as jewellery rather than as functional items. Both Albert and Albertina chains were made out of gold, or silver or gold and silver. albertina bracelet

During Edwardian times, double chains were used for watches, Vestas, or sovereign cases. They were also used to display inscribed medallions awarded for business, sport or art achievements. In the First World War, soldiers often left their fob chains with sweethearts to be worn as jewellery for safekeeping and as a symbol of their devotion.

As the fob watch era drew to an end, the chains moved firmly into the realm of jewellery as bracelets or necklaces often adorned with trinkets or charms.

Today, an Albertina bracelet or necklace draws much admiration. Still made with detail and care, the Albertina's swinging tassels and elaborate craftsmanship makes the wearer feel fabulous too!


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