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Tardy Tooth Fairies' Speedy Excuses

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What To Do If the Tooth Fairy Forgets!

Every now and then a busy Tooth Fairy can be forgetful, but if it happens in your house, all is not lost! Your Giddy Aunts have gathered excuses from Tooth Fairies who have been-there-and-done-that and they may help rescue another tardy Tooth Fairy in a sticky situation!

"Why didn't the tooth fairy collect my tooth?"

  • It fell behind the bed and has been there all night (… or for the past 2 days)
  • She left it there so you could take it to show and tell and she'll pick it up tonight
  • She accidentally put it in your older brother/sisters room
  • The tooth fairy has to take the tooth back to the stars so she can swap it for the treat and bring back the treat another night
  • The Tooth Fairy's bag was too full and she couldn't fly with such a heavy bag
  • Oh look! Here it is by the door where it must have fallen out - her bag must have been too full!
  • The tooth fairy sometimes flies so high she has trouble reading numbers and reads the house number around the wrong way or upside down
  • Oh dear! Sometimes the Tooth Fairy has too much fairy floss and can't fly 
  • The Tooth Fairy might not have seen the note. Let's try writing the note on coloured paper (or sticking fairy attracting glitter to it) the next night so that the Tooth Fairy can see it.
  • It is daylight savings now and she got confused with the time - she will come tomorrow night
  • An identical glass may be somewhere else in the room and "Surprise… here it is beside the wrong glass!"
  • When I was cleaning the windows I found the money on the window ledge outside your bedroom window while you were at school - we must have forgotten to leave the window open (the only problem with this excuse is that it involves window cleaning!)
  • She left the tooth because it has been "so well brushed and cared for" and the reason why the treat isn't on the bedside table or under the pillow is because it must be "hidden" somewhere in your room - let's try to find it

Other Tooth Fairy Ideas

If you are looking for other precious tooth fairy ideas your Giddy Aunts will be happy to help with a little magic to make the moment memorable! 

(Thanks to Children's Books Daily for the fabulous photo of first lost tooth excitement)



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