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Sports Days in the Old School Yard

Sports and Jewellery

Wherever we go, people want to know, who we are and where we come from! So we tell them, we are the Giddy Aunts! Mighty, mighty, mighty Giddy Aunts!

Can you still remember the chants that brought glory to the name of your mighty, mighty sports house on school sports days?

More than the competition, school sports days always seemed to be about cheering on your mates, about all being part of something together, and giving that one kid who maybe wasn't great at math, or popular, but could run like the clappers, his or her day in the sun as a hero. And the unsporty types (Chief Giddy Aunt included) were happy with participation medals, a day off lessons and a chance to surreptitiously read a book up the back of the stands.

Sports day was about coordinating your entire wardrobe, sprayed in hair-colour and standard under-eye zinc war stripes to fit your house colour. 

It was about eating nothing but patriotic-coloured icypoles and lollipops and cordial all day, so that when you arrived home, muscles pleasantly aching, with numbers marked on your calf in permanent ink, or tan lines to mark where your warpaint had been, the inside of your mouth and tongue would remain red, or blue, or yellow, to declare your team spirit. And you'd yell, not remembering to use your indoor voice, "Hey mum! I've got team spirit, how 'bout you?"

Did your mum keep your school sporting medals and ribbons? Was there a family scrapbook, or a place in the 'pool room' for trophies?

We've seen some fantastic ideas over the years as we've worked with school sporting groups and kids' sports clubs to keep team spirit alive, and celebrate that unique togetherness that comes with breaking through those tough physical and mental boundaries together as a team. 

Tiny Griffin or crocodile charms - the mascots of sports teams - as keepsakes for the team members. Tennis, hockey or football bracelets for those special coaches or players. Engraved compasses or bookmarks as trophies or special recognition.


Do you need a special memorabilia item for your sports team or sports day? Get in touch to ask how Giddy Aunt can help celebrate sporting achievement, with the personal touch of engraving or customisation.

Your Giddy Aunts also have lots of charms for the sports enthusiasts that can be turned into lapel pins too - from tennis racquets and rowing oars to basket balls... and more!


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