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Signs of the Stars

Zodiac Star Signs

Is your story written in the stars? Each of the symbols in Blue Turtles' fabulous new sterling silver Zodiac range represents each of the star signs. What does your sign mean? 

Aries - The Ram 

Aries is a dynamic and fearless trailblazer, prepared to push ahead into uncharted territory. With impressive initiative and powerful charisma, Aries is a born leader, who easily inspires and rallies people to a cause. However, don't expect Aries to lead them to the final conclusion, because Aries specializes in the initiation phase (no matter how formidable). Once things are up and running, Aries wants to move on to the next challenge.

As a companion Aries is generous, loyal and a lot of fun but at times may seem somewhat indelicate. Remember though, this is the courageous mover and shaker who can be depended on to get things going when the going gets tough. Aries plays to win, and as long as there's a challenge, Aries stays in the game.

Taurus - The Bull 

With exceptional patience and unrivalled determination, Taurus stays focused until the goal is achieved.

Frivolous risks are unacceptable to dependable Taurus, who is happy to toil slowly and steadily until the task is complete. But once the goal is achieved, Taurus revels in the hard-earned rewards that are expected to follow. Beautiful things and creature comforts, good food, nature walks, music and art are the sought-after bounty of the fulfilled Taurean, who relishes the earthly delights.

Taurus's penchant for stability fuels an undying commitment to keeping loved ones happy. Taurus is sentimental, sensual, romantic, devoted and family focused.

Though generally calm and collected, provocatively waving a red flag in front of a bull is bound to enrage, but Taurus is quicker to calm down than to become angry in the first place.

 Gemini - The Twins

Gemini, the quintessential communicator, loves to converse and engage the mind. Curiosity drives intellectual Gemini to continuously explore in the quest for knowledge.

Both talking and listening are Gemini's strengths, making Gemini a most wonderful friend and companion, and with a healthy imagination and wit, a bundle of fun too. Gemini loves to socialise and mingle, absorbing every detail from every conversation, whilst imparting a wealth of knowledge.

With the mental energy of two people and the ability to look at everything from multiple angles, expect anything done by practical Gemini to be well thought out. Of course, two perspectives in one may come across as confused and inconsistent, but to be fair, there is more than one side to every story, and Gemini can relate to each and every one!

Cancer - The Crab

Caring and affectionate, Cancer is deeply devoted to loved ones and family and very protective. Nurturing and feeding are a Cancer speciality, and generous Cancer is always ready to lend a helping hand. Home is where Cancer's heart lies, and a comfortable and stable home mean the world to Cancer.

A crab is soft but well protected in its shell and more than capable of defending itself. Likewise, Cancer has a big, soft and sensitive heart and is generally reserved, but will stand steadfast when it counts, whether in self-defence or in defence of loved ones.

Cancer is a sensitive and intuitive soul, who is imaginative, community-minded and romantic.

Leo - The Lion

Self-assured Leo is more than happy to be the centre of attention. Leo is like the sun, around which everything revolves.

With powerful magnetism and an energetic zest for life, it's no surprise that dignified Leo is a natural-born leader.

Leo's strong personality, determination, indefatigable sense of honour, creative flair and boundless enthusiasm are a recipe for success, and it's no wonder Leo tends to succeed at whatever the goal may be. Things matter to Leo and what gets started must be finished, and finished well - it's a matter of principle and honour! Be it dinner for friends, shopping for birthday presents or redecorating a room, no effort, expense or creative endeavour is spared to ensure the results will satisfy and make everybody think, "wow!"

Leo is highly committed to principle and, thanks to a big, warm and generous heart, has a deep desire to please everybody.

Virgo - The Virgin

Virgo is happy to go over the details of things with a fine-tooth comb, methodically examining, analysing, corroborating information and leaving no stone unturned until everything checks out - if you're going to do the job, might as well do it correctly and get it right the first time.

Virgo is sensible, thorough and practical and thanks to a logical and astute mind combined with a strong sense of duty, can always be relied upon. Indeed, doing what's right by others and lending a helping hand are both fundamental traits of Virgo.

Virgo is well organised, though to an observer may seem chaotic. However Virgo has everything arranged according to a well thought out plan, so everything is actually shipshape.

Some may mistake Virgo to be pedantic and a bit anxious, but in fact Virgo is balanced, grounded and very easy-going. Virgo is thorough but always fair.

Libra - The Scales

Peace, harmony and balance are what Libra aspires to. Libra loves the company of people and wants to do what's best for all. Charming and skilled in conversation, Libra puts people at ease by knowing exactly the right things to say.

Libra plays fair and does whatever possible to avoid conflict. Rather than enter a fray, diplomatic Libra contemplates opposing views objectively, and skillfully negotiates a fair outcome for all.

What makes Libra happy is good conversation in good company. Stylish Libra has a penchant for fashion and art, and loves to be surrounded by beauty.

Scorpio - The Scorpion

Once Scorpio's mind is made up, there's no turning back. Assertive Scorpio's determination means that whatever the goal - and no matter the challenge - Scorpio will persevere. This perseverance combines with Scorpio's excellent powers of perception and impressive resourcefulness to mean that Scorpio is more than likely to succeed.

Both clever and aware, Scorpio has the ability to pierce through the clutter and nonsense, and home in on the important things.

An air of mystery surrounds cool, calm and collected Scorpio, who prefers to keep emotions concealed, even though these emotions may run deep. Friends can trust Scorpio to keep secret anything they've said in confidence.

Sagittarius - The Archer

The search for knowledge and truth inspires Sagittarius, who is on a quest to find the meaning of life. Curious and open minded, Sagittarius relishes the adventure that comes with the quest, be it a roam around the world or a deep inner journey.

Enthusiastic Sagittarius thrives on new experiences and truly loves life. Freedom to learn and explore is important to Sagittarius, who doesn't take kindly to having those wings clipped.

The pursuit of knowledge brings Sagittarius into contact with many new ideas and cultures and Sagittarius will often turn to philosophy and religion in the search for answers to the deeper questions.

Optimistic, generous, just and kind-hearted, Sagittarius is great company with a good sense of humour to boot. One can trust Sagittarius and expect to be trusted in return. Sagittarius is also very straightforward, preferring to tell it like it is.

Capricorn - The Goat

With dedication and stalwart discipline, Capricorn sets a goal, rolls up sleeves and gets to work. Capricorn is down to earth, and understands that a lofty goal requires real commitment and effort, and has plenty of the patience and determination required to achieve it.

Capricorn is ambitious, but realistic and practical, which means the road to success will be travelled in a responsible and efficient way, with a fail-safe plan in effect.

Tradition and convention suit Capricorn well. A strong sense of fair play also means that Capricorn can be trusted and relied upon.

Aquarius - The Water Bearer

Aquarius wants to change the world, and clearly can.

A visionary and original thinker, Aquarius has a brilliant and unconventional mind, which produces truly innovative and creative ideas. Combine this sharp and inventive intellect with Aquarius' humanitarian spirit and you get a force for good. Altruistic and compassionate Aquarius puts much effort into thinking of new ways to make the world a better place.

Aquarius is self-assured and sees possibilities and alternatives where others don't, which can annoy Aquarius when others fail to see things the same way. Essentially, though, Aquarius wants to encourage everybody to get on board with the new plan to change the world for the greater good.

Aquarius is unique and individual but loves the company of others and makes friends easily.

Pisces - The Fish

Enigmatic, inward looking Pisces walks a fine line between two worlds. So natural is Pisces' propensity to drift between mundane reality and the deeper, inner spiritual realm that Pisces often doesn't distinguish between them, which can lead to confusion. Pisces' coping mechanism is to become expert at a chosen technical skill, often an art, a healing modality or some other creative endeavour, which provides a point of focus and acts as an anchor.

Sensitive, charitable and trusting, Pisces usually considers the needs of others first, which can leave this beautiful soul vulnerable to unscrupulous or insensitive people, who may cause Pisces to feel sad and victimised. This is not a weakness, however. It is more a sign of Pisces' beauty and depth, which many people simply can't fathom. Pisces is highly intuitive and often psychic, though may be completely unaware of it.

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