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Signet Ring Styles - Hearts

heart signet ring silver goldHeart-shaped signet rings in sterling silver or solid 9ct gold have been one of the most popular signet ring styles for children and adults for generations, but do you know why there can be such a difference in price between the different styles of signet rings? Learn about the differences so you can choose the right signet ring for yourself or a child.



Individually Custom-Made to Order, or Readymade

custom made heart signet rings goldIf you'd like a Heart Signet Ring with a birthstone in a particular size or metal it is best to order a custom made ring to be made just for you.  There's usually a little more time and cost involved in custom-making signet rings but it will be worth it to have the ring of your heart's desire.

These days many signet rings are also readymade or mass produced (usually not in Australia) and come in a limited range of precious metals, sizes and stones - usually red and blue. ready made signet rings in stock

Most Oh My Giddy Aunt Heart-Shaped Signet Rings are made to order IN AUSTRALIA but we also carry a select range of readymade signet rings in stock too... for those in a hurry!


Plain or Fancy Heart Signet Rings

plain silver gold signet ringBoth plain and fancy heart signet ring styles are loved by adults and children, although the fancy Princess Heart and the Double Heart styles with engraved swirls have traditionally been first signets for girls. Many signets are given to children as their first precious ring to wear on a middle finger and then moved along the fingers to the small pinkie as they grow. 

Some grown-ups have waited all their life for their beautiful signet ring and choose a ring to fit either a ring finger or little finger. Plain heart-shaped signet rings work with antique and contemporary jewellery designs.

While signet rings can be made in any size, the heart-shaped signets are usually daintier rings best suited to ring sizes smaller than T unless it is a heart on a thicker solid band like the Flat Heart ring. 


Diamonds or Birthstones 

birthstone month signetsBoth Fancy and Plain heart-shaped signet rings can be set with a stone.  Stones can be natural, diamonds or birthstones.  Fancy hearts are usually set with natural diamonds or cubic zirconia in birthstone favourite colours - red, blue or pink.  Larger hearts and signets can also be set with natural diamonds and gemstones.


Laser or Hand-Engraved

engraved signet ringTwo sorts of engraving are involved with heart-shaped signet rings.  Fancy signets are decorated with engraved swirls and Oh My Giddy Aunt's custom made signets still have each swirl engraved by hand!  The swirls of readymade rings are part of the design rather than being carved into each ring.

The other signet engraving option is letters or initials.  Traditionally initials are engraved in a script font and sometimes in a monogram or cypher.  Today, many mass produced signets are laser or machine engraved but Oh My Giddy Aunt's signets are still individually engraved by hand - old school!


Sterling Silver or Solid Gold

gold or silver signet rings girlsTrue signet rings are keepsakes to keep, not fashion jewellery to be worn and thrown away. Oh My Giddy Aunt signets are made in sterling silver or solid 9ct or 18ct yellow, rose or white gold.  Solid gold and silver costs more than cheaper plated jewellery but it means the ring can be resized, repaired, repolished, regifted or recycled.


Difference in the Costs of Signet Ring Styles

plain heart signet rings goldThe differences in signet ring styles makes a difference to the signet ring's cost.

          • Size and weight of the ring
  • Precious metal type and amount of metal and work required to make it. 
  • Stone type (natural or created)
  • Engraving method (hand or laser).

heart band difference signetNot all differences will be obvious unless you know what you are looking for. The two 9ct gold heart-shaped signet rings pictured look similar even though one is 9ct yellow gold and one is 9ct rose pink gold. The Sweetheart ring is over twice the price of the other Heart band. The price difference is mainly due to the amount of gold used to make the rings.  The Sweetheart ring has a thicker and wider band and the bigger heart is completely solid, whereas the Heart Band heart is a dainty ring and the heart is shaped or hollowed out at the back so it doesn't require as much gold to make or as much work to finish both front and back.  The Sweetheart ring is also set with natural stones and the Heart Band is set with cubic zirconia.

If you would like more information to help choose the right signet ring please contact us - we are always happy to help with keepsakes that will be loved and treasured.


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