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Shine by Night - Peridots for August Birthstones

Augus't Peridot Birthstone

How do you say Peridot?  Chief Giddy Aunt is fond of quoting this little ditty: Do you know, or do you not? Is it PeriDOH or  PeriDOT?

Either way, these beautiful green stones have been treasured for centuries.  It's said the Egyptians who were sent by the Pharoah to mine the stones toiled through night as well as by sunlight to find the precious stones as they shine by night. In fact, Cleopatra's famed emerald collection is now thought to have been peridots.

In later history, peridots entered Europe as the spoils of holy war. Returning Crusaders brought them home, and many ended up bedecking religious robes and artworks like the shrine of the Three Holy Kings in Cologne's medieval Cathedral (Kolner Dom).

Today, peridots are the birthstone for August babies, and also the gift for 16 years of marriage.

Wearing peridots is thought to protect from the 'evil eye'. Perhaps this was what saved the gothic Kolner Dom during the Second World War, when the rest of the city was razed by Allied Forces bombs.

They are also associated with friendship, with removing envy (perhaps they do the turning green with envy for you?), ridding the wearer of bad dreams, and happiness.

Put a little night-time sparkle into a special August baby's life with an engraved star pendant set with a peridot, or a Signet ring set with the August birthstone and their initial, or celebrate a 16th anniversary with one of the peridot set harmony balls, pendants or rings.

P.S. The answer to the riddle: "Do you know, or do you not, is it Peridoh or Peridot"? Both pronunciations are used and accepted.


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